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Online Ordering System Essay Sample

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Online Ordering System Essay Sample

Technology is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose.
Nowadays, people introduce new technologies that facilitate them in every aspect in life, making life easier. Compared to technologies we had before, it is really convenient to utilize new ones for they have endless features. Like the way of teaching before and nowadays, teachers use manila papers, cartolina, etc. The even use chalks or board markers for teachings but when the experts discovered that both of the said tools for teaching are hazardous because of the chemical content, the experts warned people to find alternative ways of teaching. Since we are in the age of new technologies, they found the best way of teaching by accompanying computers in education.

The proponents’ system is the so called Intelligent Computer Aided Instructions. This system is an integrated set of instructions that will enhance the learning of the students in English and will serve as a supplementary tool for their teachers in teaching and discussing lessons.

The proposed system is application software that will be produced by the proponents to provide the teachers a supporting tool in teaching, enhance the students learning skills and lastly to maximize the schools potential in teaching.

1.1 Statement of the Problem
In this chapter, the proponents will discuss the major and minor problem in making a Computer Aided Instruction for Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches.

1.1.1 Major Statement
* How to design and develop an Intelligent Computer Aided Instruction in English for the students of Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches that will serve as a supplementary tool for education? Colegio de San Bartolome, as a school known for providing excellence in Academics, is looking for a potential solution to help the teachers enhance their students’ level of learning and at the same time, maximizing the benefits from their facilities.

1.1.2 Minor Statement
* How to develop a module that will assess the students’ field of strength and weaknesses? Every student in the subject of English has fields where they can easily understand a topic and fields where they are having a hard time. With the students’ number in in class, it will be difficult for the teacher to assess his/her students’ strengths and weaknesses. Knowing their fields of strength and weaknesses will make teaching for the students easier because the teacher will know the topics where to focus. * How to develop a module that will analyze whether the student is a visual, auditory or a kinesthetic learner? Students have their own different kinds of learning style. This includes visual learning, auditory learning and kinesthetic learning. Due to differences with teaching preferences, the teacher can’t focus on the three learning styles which make it difficult for the students to cope up with the lesson.

* How to develop a module that will allow the teacher to view progress reports from their students? Checking students’ computer units one by one consumes a lot of time. They also need to analyze how their students’ progression is going on in the system won’t be easy given the number of students per section(Averaging 30 students or higher per section). The teachers also need to see the results from the assessment exams, and analyzing the results will take much time.

* How to develop a module that will integrate multimedia materials in the system such as videos, audios, animations and games? One of the barriers that prevent the students to learn is that they have different learning styles. Students tend to learn more in different approaches.

* How to develop a module that will serve as remote system for the teacher? Given that CSBN have 49 computer units in their laboratory, it will be hard for the teacher to control the students on what they are doing on their computer units and the teacher can’t supervise them all at the same time.

1.2 Current State of Technology

As we all know, every school aims to provide quality education to their students, especially private schools. Quality education is provided by the help of the teachers, staffs, heads, school facilities and lastly by the use of technology. CSBN is one of the schools who are consistently providing quality education to their students. They show excellence in terms of teaching, facilities and technology. In terms of teaching, they use the so called “traditional teaching” which includes the use of chalk and black board, visual aids (cartolina, Manila paper, charts and flashcards). They also conduct recitations, quizzes, quarterly exams and role playing (specifically first year students because they are more focused on drama). CSBN also have text books for each subject of their school. Going to class room management, as a Catholic school, they always pray before and after the class then class room cleaning and after that will be the checking of attendance. Before going to the next lesson, they always do recap because the students didn’t understand the lesson well and also because the recitation consumes mostly of their time. Going to their facilities, they got 1 LCD projector which is scheduled to use once a week for each subject, they also have 49 computer units in their computer laboratory. They implement the 1 is to 1 computer usage for the students.

They also have internet connection for the video streaming of their students during their computer lab schedule but they don’t have any site blockers. In the traditional way of teaching of Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches, a new lesson is conducted after having a recap of the previous lessons. A teacher recognizes the students who excel in a class through daily recitation which will have equivalent grades. Each teacher keeps a record book where they store all grades of the students in each section. Major exams are conducted quarterly and short exams in between lessons in additional to the students’ grades. Each grading period has an equivalent percentage that will be computed and added together in order to get the overall average grade of the students.

1.3 Objectives
In this chapter, the proponents will discuss their objectives corresponding to their given problems.
1.3.1General Objective
To design and develop an Intelligent Computer Aided Instructionin English for the students of Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches that will serve as a supplementary tool for education. The proponents will create a module that will serve as a supplementary tool for the teacher so that the learning skills of the students will be enhanced. Making the proposed system will not only enhance their learning but also maximize the potential of their facilities.

1.3.2Specific Objectives
* To develop a module that will assess the students’ field of strength and weaknesses. The proponents will develop a module that will let the students take assessment exams before and after a certain lesson. These exams will include questions given randomly to minimize copying of answers. This module will then generate reports about their fields of strength and weaknesses based on the results of the exam.

* To develop a module that will analyze whether the student is a visual, auditory or a kinesthetic learner. The proponents will provide a module that includes a VAK examination where the students need to answer before proceeding to the lesson module and based on the result, the students’ learning style willbe analyzed. These learning styles will then be used as the lesson approach for the student to add to their learning potential.

* To develop a module that will allow the teacher to view progress reports from their students. The proponents will develop a module for the teacher to view students’ records and performance within their respective units. This can reduce the time of checking each student’s computer manually and also, by viewing the students’ performance in the system, the teachers can easily see students’ progress. The system will also do the analyzing for the reports from the assessment exams so it will save time for the teacher.

* To develop a module that will integrate multimedia materials in the system such as videos, audios, animation and games. The proponents will develop a module that can play videos, audios, include pictures, animations for the presentations of the lessons and around the system’s forms. The system will also include educational games to catch students’ attention and get their interests. * To develop a module that will serve as remote system for the teacher. The proponents will develop a module that will make the students’ access to the system’s features limited. This module will make lessons, exercises and games locked in default and only the teachers are able to unlock these with their computers as a server and accounts in the system.

1.3.3Scope and Limitations
The proposed system can serve as a supplementary tool in teaching for the teachers. The proponents use VB6 because it’s easy to use and its wide range of functions. It uses login system for the records of the teachers and the students and also to determine the user-level.

The proposed system is only limited for the first year high school students of Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches for the contents of the system is exclusively made for that level. The system covers the topics in first year English only. It is able to provide the students their own access accounts within the system and can record their personal information. Specifying the system features:

Students can login/logout from the system with using their accounts provided by their teacher. After a successful login, they will first see their own information and scores/records from their quizzes and exams taken from the system. Students can see reports about the results of the assessment exams and see their fields of strength, weaknesses and topic suggestions from the system for them to focus. They can also see lists of their lessons that are in the system and read them. They can also watch videos that are provided by the system (videos depend on the lessons’ need). Students can also take assessment exams and quizzes. Educational games can also be played by the students that are provided by the system.

Going to the teachers’ module, they can also login the system with the use of their accounts to secure the records and also to determine the user-level. After logging in, they will first see their own information. The teachers can also view the list of the students that are registered in the system and view their students’ records like scores from the exams/quizzes and their students’ field of strength and weaknesses (based on the assessment exams). They can lock and unlock some of the systems functions. They can add, edit and archive students’ accounts and lessons. They can also review the lessons that are provided by the system and watch the videos included in it. The teachers can also add, edit and archive in the systems media and question bank. Educational games are also playable in the teachers’ module.

The system can only be used inside CSBN’s computer laboratory and with the permission of the teacher and cannot be reproduced. The purpose of the system varies with their teacher. It is up to the teachers if they will use the system for grade computations. The system will not be held responsible with the loss of data due to computer rebooting and power failures.

The system has three (3) user types; admin, teacher and student. The admin and teacher have the authority on all the features of the system without restriction. Although the teacher is allowed to access the user maintenance only if the admin is not present. The student has limited access depending on what the teacher allows.

The system’s VAK analysis exam does not support the kinesthetic type. This is due to gadgets for kinesthetic are expensive and difficult to comply. The system will allow three (3) trials if ever a student fail an examination. It will be the teacher’s decision on what verdict or adjustments to be done if ever a student fails more than three (3) times.

The lessons that are discussed in the system are only based on the textbook that is currently being used in every discussion of CSBN. The admin user and teacher have the authority to add new lessons to be included in the system based on the textbook or not.

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