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There’s so much going when you’re in college: class, homework, volunteer meetings, games, … the list goes on and on. With so much to juggle, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. No one expects to be perfect, and while making mistakes is a huge part of a learning process. The biggest mistake that a college student can make is not working or interning. Most student believe that the program in college support enough for them to get a future job or they spend all time in the class, which is why many college students opt not to work during their degree program. Some student say that working or interning influence for their education. The second reasons is the work may effect the health or hours of student activities. This is not good. In addition, the college students began to work, they can be deceived or more consequences. It is true. However, everything have two sides, include this.

Beside negative aspects, working and interning also have the positive aspect. They will give college students the technical and soft skill that students will have little chance of being chance in the college. Second, they will help college students increase social relationships, learn how to be independent, more mature that crucial when you enter the working world. It maybe good to able find something in the college students’s field, which gives them a leg up when they graduate. I think the college students need to clearly know about their ability to suitsble job and more important is not effect to their study.

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