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Introduction of TOPIC


For this article the writer describes Bill O’Reilly’s stance that it is the duty of the President to bring the inequalities of black male youths to light, create change and integration. This article is both creditable and contains logical fallacies regarding the President’s ability to create change due to his being a black man and his position as president.

O’Reilly and Trayvon cry for help, Mr. President (Williams, 2013) – Rebuttal Article The Trayvon Martin case has been followed by many and used as a platform for politicians and activist on both sides of the race issue. There are very clear sides and opinions with Bill O’Reilly being of the opinion that the President has the ability to have the ability to affect positive changes in the way black male youths see themselves and interact with others. The author agrees with the opinion of Bill O’Reilly.

Logical Fallacy

The article is very well written but is based on faulty logic. While the President is a black man in the most powerful position in the world he is not the first black man with the power to promote change. Obama is the highest ranking American black man ever he is not the only black that has tried to have a positive influence on the racial landscape o

f America. Before Obama we had Dr. Martin Luther King, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Nelson Mandela all

of whom have promoted civil rights, equality and cultural integration. The ability to change is in the hands of each individual person to take responsibility for the change in their circumstances. If things were different just because someone said it should be so, it sure would make all things possible and easy. Unfortunately, not all things come easy and people have to work to achieve their goals.


The article comes from a creditable source because it comes from Fox News, a respected news outlet, and Juan Williams [ (Fox News , 2013) ] a regular on the Fox News Channel and sometimes fills in as host on The O’Reilly Factor. However, the article lacks creditability and validity because it does not provide any substantial proof that President Obama speaking out and encouraging change will indeed have a positive effect or influence on young black males. Statistics are referenced in the article but neither Bill O’Reilly nor Juan Williams provide any real data to support their opinion. Juan Williams is in agreement with Bill O’Reilly’s opinions as they were presented on his show The O’Reilly Factor but is this because there is real substantive proof or because Bill O’Reilly employs him.

If any historical references of an instance in time or person in power that had made a substantial lasting change had been noted then the argument would hold more weight. Interviews with people who had been impacted by the words of the President or any other powerful black man in history would have added creditability to the article. Statistics of how many people affected by speeches or encouragement from influential people would give concrete proof that Obama’s influence could affect change. Conclusion

This article is nothing more than the opinion of people whose careers are based on creating conversations about political and current event topics. The author failed to make his point because there is no factual information given in the article.

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