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Organizational Behavior Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Negotiation Skills: Identify and discuss two (2) strategies that can be used to develop and enhance negotiation skills. Be specific and support your response with an example.

Mediation is a third party that engages both parties and tries to bring them to a resolution, however, the mediator is not able to dictate the decision of the parties. Some people have a hard time trying to explain their point of view to another, so a mediator is brought in to try and bring both sides to a solution. Unlike mediation where the negotiator has no say so in a decision, arbitration is the opposite. In arbitration negotiation a neutral third party individual acts as judge when weighing both sides of the negotiation. Normally a decision is made after both sides have been heard.

Gender and Communication: Why do you agree (or disagree) that women and men communicate differently? Be specific and support your response with an example from your experience.

I think we all can agree that men and women think completely differently when it comes to communication. Women tend to be more emotional and pay attention to details, whereas men tend to keep emotions withdrawn when it comes to communication.

Women are naturally more open to communication since it is ingrained in us at a young age verses men

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who are told to keep their emotional communicational cues low as boys.

Influence: Identify and discuss one (1) strategy you can use to effectively influence superiors and/or peers? Support your response with the concepts in Chapter 12 as well as an example from your experience. Note: in your initial post, select a strategy to discuss that has not been described by another student.

I believe one strategy that most of us have seen firsthand at some point in our life is reward power. Reward power is used when an employer gets an employee to preform a certain way in order to get what they want job wise. When I was assigned to mobility I was tasked to manage a group of civilian “summer volunteers” whom were actually high schoolers looking for some quick cash for the summer. An incentive I gave them was if we got our job on time by the end of the week I would buy pizza and an extended lunch. Needless to say the job was done quickly and efficiently.

Moral Leadership: Identify one (1) approach to moral leadership and discuss its importance to leadership effectiveness. Be specific and support your response with an example.

The authentic leader speaks to me more than most of the morals. It is easier to have your subordinates to work for you when the leader is respected and heard. My last workplace was heavy on physical labor and at one point in time was a horrible place to work in general. This soon changed with job rotations. When the new NCO’s come into office they brought a certain authentic way into how they preformed. They would move the airman in a way that brought moral to its peak and even when work was horrible, we came into work and left with smiles. It’s easier to follow someone into a situation whom is confident in what he/she is doing especially if they took time to get to know you as well.

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