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While dealing with any international business there are a number of factors that you have to put in consideration ,for one, the  type and number of customers . Secondly, the size of the business to be established. Thirdly the risks involved.  Fourthly, the capital required for the business and lastly the future direction in which the business is to follow.  For instance in an entertainment industry there are a lot of things in it that take the form of organizational behaviour.  Among them are noise –making, through cheering, supporting and enjoying; Another one is money or rather spending of money, this comes with paying for the entertainment itself and also the entertainers spending their hard earned money (Stickland, 2000).

There are a number of different directions that organizational behaviour tend to take which need proper management.  The management work is to provide, process and use information.  Any failure that may result in the entertainment industry done to managerial errors then is to be taken through the proper channel and be least with accordingly.

It is normal to fail but if a manager of a singer for instance fails to take good care of the benefits of the singer, this could be a big blow to the singer and when the singer or musician fails to sing the audience supporter and admirers are normally affected in more than one way.

This shows the musician has to be very careful when selecting a manager.  A manger who relies on rumors is no manager.  The musician has to ensure that he has a competent and qualified manager.  Someone with reliable credentials, and who can give quality service. (Stickland 2000)

Entertainment industry is the richest industry in the world.  So there are many  cases of financial nature that are inevitably involved in it.  There cases range from good management  to poor management of money and resources.

When the musician or a boxer or just a professional footballer gets his play, it it normally a lot of money and so their are some unique behaviours that normally accompany the main players in this industry.  These main persons tend to show some inadequacies in terms of the way of handling money.  Most of them if not some of them do not know how to spend money.  They spend in a way that requires a poor man wondering and wishing he were the one with the money.  For sure if wishers were horses beggars could ride. (Stickland, 2000).

Another unique behavior is that of supporters or spectators, they tend to display some queer and peculiar behaviour.  Watch them and you will always be surprised, puzzled and perturbed. Watch the way footballers display their behaviour during the world cup matches . Watch the way fans of a certain popular musician display their ignorance watch them the way they dress.  Look at them closely.  Look the way they brave the thing in the name of attending a live performance by their hero or heroines.  The behaviours they display are normally very unique.

Well, the kind of behaviours that are in the entertainment are very wild and rather in a way interesting.  Therefore unless the concerned manager comes up with better strategies of handling these cases, then the behaviours may be a time bomb which will explode with time leading to regrettable consequences (Stickland, 200).

In fact emotional intelligence (EI) need to be applied while dealing with these behaviours.  Though the entertainment industry may not be regarded as strong on emotional intelligence, since basing in the way people in question handle themselves in the presence of their heroes or heroines, leaves more questions than answers.  But to some extent we can also say the emotional intelligence is very strong in the entertainment industry.  This case is only true if the obscene wards used in for instance by musicians and not considered (Stickland, 200).

Emotional intelligence is very important to the organizational effectiveness, because when it is applied it can manage to restore sanity in the industry in question.  Once some sanity is restored in the industry then it will be a better industry than it is at the  moment (Stickland, 2000).

The industry should try its level best and involve the work of counselors, psychologists and even psychiatrists in improving the application of emotions and moods in the whole organizational behaviour.  One this improves then the work of most criminal activities in the world will also improve, because such organizational behaviour may be the most cause of having terror gangs in our major towns and even rural places (Stickland, 2000).

The entertainment industry is all over the world, and it cannot just be avoided in any way as such the organizational behaviour in it tend to both directly and indirectly affect our young generation since there are some behaviours which they should not copy, as they do not auger well for their future life, they should not be encouraged then to applause this important but unique industry.  But all the same it is an industry that can improve if properly handled.

This industry is delicate in a way, and it is an important and old as mankind.  Whatever that it contains, it is important and paramount to pick out what is useful and good and discard the rest.  It is more good than bad. So as man largely depends on it, he is his own good friend and not his own worst enemy (Stickland, 2000).

More resources are used in this industry; therefore it acts as an important and reliable consumer of our resources.  We still need this industry, so we should not do away with it.  The organizational behaviour should be improved through the use emotional intelligence.  Long live entertainment industry.

We should always apply common sense wherever possible; it should not be argued always that whenever a musician sings badly then that means the whole entertainment industry is bad. No, let us sort out the truth from lies. What is rare should not be assumed or be taken to be common.

There is a lot of good that man can still do in the entertainment industry. Let us inject more sense in it through applying and encouraging emotional intelligence. The public needs to be more educated on emotional intelligence.

Another way is by improving the quality of music that is ethical. Only music that is suitable and educational should be played. This means that we should not just play any music anywhere as if we are people with no sense of direction. We should wake up from our sleep and be more sensible. Long live entertainment industry.


Stickland, F.: (2000): The Dynamics of change: Insight into organizational transmission from the National World; Rutledge; New York.

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