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One of the world’s largest hospitality company’s is Wyndham Worldwide. They have grown globally over the past decade and continue to reach into the more exotic areas of the world. Wyndham can make an effective statement environmentally because of the wide range of locations globally. Wyndham can actively make less of an impact on the natural environment surrounding the resorts. According to “Wyndham Worldwide” (2013), ” they preserve the biodiversity of over 250,000 acres at its over 70 holiday parks and almost 11,000 bungalows, villas and apartments throughout Europe” (Mission & Culture). From “Wyndham Worldwide” (2013), “With a wide and growing range of businesses, Wyndham Worldwide includes Wyndham Hotel Group, the world’s largest hotel company based on number of properties; Wyndham Exchange and Rentals, the world’s largest member-based vacation exchange network and marketer of serviced vacation rentals, and Wyndham Vacation Ownership, the world’s largest vacation ownership business” (Press Releases).

The strategic plan for Wyndham Worldwide is to become more globally widespread and institute programs that encourage environmental responsibility. The main objective for Wyndham is to reduce emissions by implementing energy efficient strategies across the company (“Wyndham Worldwide”, 2013). According to “Wyndham Worldwide” (2013), they will “reduce the hospitality industry’s collective environmental impact” (Press Releases). Wyndham Worldwide will implement a series of projects dedicated to the ultimate goal of reducing the impact of the hospitality industry on the environment. A main strength for Wyndham is the broad range that the company has across the globe. Taking certain measures to ensure the environment remains generally unaffected by the introduction and maintenance of the resorts is a factor in maintaining the success of the projects.

Wyndham will be able to do this based on a series of smaller low-impact projects that when joined will execute the larger strategic plan of successfully maintaining the goal of a low-impact environmental footprint on the surrounding area. One of the smaller projects will consist of efficiency lighting in the resorts and villas including automatic lighting that will sense movement or little to no movement over time. This will enable the resorts to reduce energy consumption and will make a larger impact when the resorts are can comply with new standards. A water conservation project will be implemented to maintain a lower level of the linen replenishment system. This includes offering the guests a choice to reuse the current linens in the lodging instead of the automatic replacement normally conducted by housing maintenance. The implementation of this project reduces energy costs, water consumption, and the manpower spent on normally laundering the linen after only one use.

Also a waste generated renewable energy system is another part of the projects that will decrease energy consumption. Putting processes in place to harness energy from normal waste will enable the resorts to become more dependent on renewing and recycling within the resort. Wyndham will also need to work diligently with the suppliers to reduce packaging on products used at the resort. They will need to find ways to deliver goods less frequently but with just enough to sustain until the next shipment, and they will need to decide how to help suppliers employ the surrounding areas of the community to create jobs and use the surrounding area to the advantage of the company. The reduction costs mentioned above will assist in decreasing the amount spent to maintain the resorts and will flow down to the customers and create more revenue for the company. A more affordable leisure trip or business trip will only encourage the frequency of vacations and increase profits. As profits increase, the internal stakeholders will reap the benefits.

More employees will be hired due to an increase in demand for housing guests. Communities will benefit because of the tourism and jobs created within the community. As more revenue is generated the shareholders and investors will gain in returns. Creditors will be paid frequently and be more inclined to lend money for renovations and new additions to the resorts. External stakeholders will also benefit. Prices may decrease and entice new customers and competitors will rise to the challenge of trying to implement their own strategies to increase revenue and lower operating expenses. In the large scale of operations, this means that even the smallest implementation of the new green programs at each property will make some difference when measured and reported on with a metrics system. When these results are collaborated, they can show the impact of energy reduction on a larger scale. Also Wyndham will be able to track an increase in revenue related to the decrease in energy consumption based on the projects put in place and they will come full circle in benefiting the shareholders.


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