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Organizational Stakeholders Essay Sample

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Organizational Stakeholders Essay Sample

Introduction: The various stakeholders for Home Depot

            There are various stakeholders for the Home Depot. Examples of these include:  CalPERS, the famous Yale Forest Forum, the FSC controlled and regulated wood working group and the Southern Forest Carbon Project, Dogwood Alliance, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Rainforest Alliance and the Nature Conservancy.

How this CEO manages the portfolio of stakeholder demands

            At the moment, the Home Depot CEO makes sure that the demands of the external directors are dealt with using the market theory. This move is seen to have been adopted by the Home Depot CEO after that it became established that the stakeholders’ demands and pay were being executed at rates not commensurate with the company’s actual market performance.

To the effect of the above development, Home Depot CEO makes sure that each pay attributed to a Home Depot office holder is commensurate with the output of the same office in the market. Polonsky and other economists (2005) maintain that this move ensures that the extirpation of deadweight and subsequently, losses.  For instance, before the payment of CalPERS, in 2007, the CEO, Robert Nardelli took painstaking efforts to make sure that the 8.9 million US Dollar that was payable to CalPERS was concomitant with the 89% of the risks which were attributable to the operations and performance of CalPERS.

In spite of all this concerted effort to ensure that the expenses of Home Depot as a company are streamlined, yet the CEO ensures that the stakeholders are treated with high esteem. To this end, the stakeholders are given a wider berth to express themselves concerning the operations and the profitability of the company.

Conclusion: How the present CEO of HOME Depot differ from Nardelli in this regard

            In this regard, the present CEO of Home Depot is different from Nardelli, given the fact that the former posses a more frugal approach in the disbursement of company funds. This is clearly seen in the fact that unlike Nardelli, the new CEO ensures that each pay of Home Depot employee is commensurate with his work.  In almost the same vein, the new CEO assumes a parallel stance towards that of Nardelli, due to the fact that the latter has assumed the adoption of performance contract. To this effect, to foster maximum productivity, it becomes expedient that employees are employed on contractual basis, with the contract being renewable after five years, depending on the previous performance of the employee.  The above feat extirpates unnecessary expenses through the streamlining and proper coordination of the company’s synergies.

            Similarly, the new CEO is about making Home Depot cost efficient. To this cause, the company has executed measures to ensure that there is proper logistics to ensure that as a big company, there is proper coordination between the mother company and the rest of the Home Depot branches. Initially, complacency had maintained a strangulating grip on Home Depot until Wal-Mart came along, to provide the company with stiff competition. The new CEO also seeks to make the operations of Home Depot friendlier towards and centered on the stakeholders. Unlike Nardelli, the new CEO makes sure that the entire top brass is always available for annual general meetings with the company’s investors. The investors are allowed more time to ask questions and field in their concerns, as opposed to Nardelli who gave only a minute to each investor.


Polonsky, M., et al. (2005). Rethinking Stakeholders’ Marketing. Washington: Emerald   Group Publishing.

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