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Organizational Structure Essay Sample

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Organizational Structure Essay Sample

ABC rehabilitation center values the information the employees have to offer. We offer an open communication network to foster the ideas of our employees. Management realizes that implementing new rules and regulations is only a beginning step in the process. Maintaining open communications with all team members is essential. The feedback and problem solving done by the employees who have to work by the new standards are the best source for changes that may need to be made. Maintaining the open lines of communication is a vital part of the daily success of ABC rehabilitation center.

What are appropriate communication methods for managers within this organization?
Open communication is the appropriate communication method for this organization. Maintaining an open communication between management and the staff will allow for a more open understanding of the goals that need to be met. Open communication allows for ideas to be shared and problem solving to happen between employees for a cohesive outcome. Decentralized communication network also creates open channels of communication within the workplace. Workplace collaboration is supported and encouraged to elicit ideas and creative thinking. Working in a decentralized workplace allows employees to work closely to achieve a common goal.

What is the importance of these communication methods within this organizational structure?
The importance of the open communication structures is to foster teamwork and gain the best work from the employees. Building a strong team that can rely on others is an important base component of our organization. “It is helpful to conceptualize a decentralized leadership as a “goose rule,” where a goose flock must shift leadership in an effort to maximize energy decay” (Rosen, 2008, p. 4). Open communication between employees and management is encouraged to allow operational growth and create a supportive environment. When employees feel that they can offer their ideas to a manager and have the ideas implemented there is a sense of accomplishment towards their work environment.

What internal relationships must be considered?
Internal relationships that must be considered are employee to employee and employee to management. Employees that communicate openly with each other have a stronger sense of collaboration and security that the workplace is a positive environment to grow. Open communication between employees and management creates a secure work environment where problems can be addressed and solved. Ideas offered by the employee to management are taken into consideration as part of the problem solving process. Employees are an invaluable source of information that managers should utilize for better outcomes to problem solving.

What external relationships must be considered?
External relationships that must be considered at ABC rehabilitation center are the widest range of relationships that is maintained on a daily basis. External relationships range from the patient’s family members to any delivery person, representatives from outside companies to referring physicians. The most important external relationship is always with our patients and their families because they are coming to our facility for the help they need. The best way to describe an external relationship is any person or company that ABC rehabilitation communicates or works with outside of the organization. These relationships are an integral part of our operating system. Without the external relationships that have been established the patient care would be greatly lacking.

Communication is the backbone to any company. Communication should not become closed down or blocked because employees do not feel that their voice will be heard. Knowing when to step aside and listen to the other members of your team is a valuable characteristic for management. Open communication and a decentralized communication network is the process and continual goal at ABC rehabilitation center. Employee input, ideas, and problem solving are valued and encouraged.

Rosen, D. (2008). Cooperation and Coordination in Decentralized Communication Networks. Retrieved from http://www.academia.edu/325647/Cooperation_and_Coordination_In_Decentralized_Communication_Networks_PDF_

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