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We have come together as a team to work on and complete the Organizational Structure Presentation due in Week Five. It has not been easy, but we have adopted a “get-it-done” attitude, and have overcome some challenges along the way. We could have done some things differently, such as creating another plan. But we managed to have worked it through for the best. What worked well for us was taking control of the assignment and the “get-it-done” attitude we adopted once we began communicating. We were able to assign team members different parts to work on, and each was posted in time and was put together well. The best was when one person took all the postings and as able to put it all together and edit the project. Unlike completing Part I of the Organizational Structure Presentation Action Plan, we did run into a few challenges completing Part II. One of these challenges was losing a team member. Unfortunately this was not a planned change and took the whole team by surprise.

In order to overcome this challenge, we had to implement a change by dividing up the extra work. This required communication and negotiation on the team leader’s part and communication and compromise on the team member’s part. What we would do differently if we had the opportunity, is created another action plan. After losing a team mate at six o’clock the evening that the paper was to be submitted, and with the remaining team mates being unaware that the situation was occurring, we had to attend to the present plan. We would have chosen another action plan. We would have chosen another action plan because the first plan was void after losing a team mate, but through collaboration and little time we submitted on time. In conclusion, we were able to reach our deadline because of the strength of the remaining team members who began communicating and had the “get it done attitude.” Although we ran into complications and challenges of losing a member, we were able to overcome by dividing up the extra work, negotiation, compromise, and communication without changing the action plan.

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