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How incentives, training, and education are important to a company and also how important a strong leader is to a company. Jose will define and explained these topics. He will also compare these topics to his previous employment (Gill’s Auto Glass) and explain the positive and negative side of individual reward. He will also describe his previous employment as innovative or non-innovative.

Incentives, Training, and Education
The topics of incentives, training, and education play a huge role in promoting organizational change. First, incentives provide employees with measurable motivation for pursuing a policy of change. There may be high level of resistance with the employees when the managers suddenly announce that there is an organization’s policy change. Managers can overcome employees’ resistance by offering them incentives like finical gain (bonus at the end of the pay period) that will give employees the reason to support the policy change. For example when there a new product arrives to company for sale the managers can offer high commission percentage for the sale department to embrace the new product. At Jose’s previous employment (Gill’s Auto Glass) there were any incentives to motivate the employees, but at his sister’s employment (Wal-Mart) there are incentives for having a free accident work place. If the employees have one month free of accident their ward is candies; if they have three month free of accident their ward is ice cream party. If they have six month free of accident their ward is have a carne asada party.

Training and education are also critical skills for an organization that has the ability to change rapidly. Training is the process of prepare an employee for a special or difficult job task. Also training can be used to strengthen corporate culture and implant the organization’s core values. It is also important to use education as a tool to inform employees of the benefits of transformation. Education can uncover hidden advantages that can help employees to understand and support forward progress.

Jose’s previous employment has a training period to educate the new employees on how to do the job task. His sister’s employment also has a three month training period to educate new employees about job task and the company’s mission statement, vision, and core values. Role of Leadership Strong leadership should be a source of inspiration for a company during a time of change. Being at the top of the corporate head quart; the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) should be the one that inform or communicate the company’s mission statement, vision, and core values. He or she also needs to be able to communicate any changes that affect the company’ policies and how these changes can help the company grows and to make funds. For example the farming companies that grow vegetable or citrus needs to change its policies because of a new government law those prevent them from using chemical pesticides. This law may cause a negative impact on the company, but a strong lead should be able keep his or her employees thinking on the positive side of this changes.

Jose’s previous employment the owner was the leader. He should have been more open to new changes because the company will have not close.

Ethical Implications of an Individual Reward System
There are both positive and negative aspects of an individual reward system. The positive side of individual reward will motivate employees to change for the greater good of the company and themselves. The benefits may be like day off from work or bonus at the end of the week. On the negative side, personal rewards can lead to decisions that are not ethical sound and harm the change of the company. This is mainly the issue with financial rewards that tempt employees to overstep ethical boundaries in exchange for higher payment.

Is my organization Innovative or non-innovative
For an organization to be innovative means the company is able to adjust to changes and be able to come up with new ideas. Unfortunately the Jose’s previous employment was not innovative because the owner refuses to change. The owner decided to stay with his old way of doing the work when the competitors are changing their way of doing work. For example the competitors started using computers to fill out invoices and looking up parts for the customers. Also they use the internet to advertise their product and place orders. They also started using new technological product to help them with their work of remove windshields and windows. As for the company that the Jose use to work for was using catalogs to look up parts and hand pull tools to remove windshields.

In conclusion knowing the important of incentives, training, education, and a strong leader are to a company. The company can motivate their employees and grow in its work field.

Von Stamm, B. (2008). Managing innovation, design and creativity (2nd ed.). Chichester, United Kingdom: Wiley.

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