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This this section of the assignment I will be explain the recruitment and selection process and giving examples of how it is used within two contrasting businesses.

Before we can begin to understand the recruitment process we should look into why a business will recruit in the first place; there are four main reasons as to why the business would want to recruit, one of which is due to the company wanting to expand. If an organization wants to expand they will need new employees in order for the expansion to run smoothly :for example if a basic clothes shop decided to start selling shoes they will need new people to sell the shoes and keep the people they already have to sell the clothes.

Another reason as to why a business may want to recruit is because there is a new business and they need employees to provide the product or the service they are wanting to provide for their customers, without these employees there will be no service to provide their for the business will fail, this is why new businesses would need to recruit new workers.

An additional reason as to why a business would want to recruit is during seasons. This basically means that an organization demand for the service/product may be higher during certain times of year and there are not enough employees to be able to keep up with this demand meaning if a company wants to keep this custom they will need to recruit staff to accomplish this. An example of this is a post man, the service they provide will be high during the Christmas period as people would want to send their Christmas cards so they would need to recruit new post men to keep up with the demand for the post.

The Last main reason as to why a business may need to recruit is due to people leaving. This can be because of people on sick leave (The job they are temporally leaving still needs to be done by someone) and another could be they just wanted to leave the job for one reason or another. An example of someone leaving on sick is a pregnant women who has to go onto maternity leave because of how long the period of time is they are left the business could recruit some on do their job.

A Company could recruit someone permanent or temporary. Permanent recruitment means that the organization is looking for a worker to have for a long time with the business, an example as to why business would recruit someone permanent if the business is expanding, or a new business. Temporary recruitment is when you employ some one for a set amount of time or period a manager may recruit temporary because they want someone to step in while an employee is sick or because they need new workers just for the certain season

So if a business is recruiting they may consider some options before they start the recruitment process because if a company can save money they will (To have a worker they cost a lot of money). One of the options they may consider is to reconstruct the business; re-organize the structure of the business it may be possible to re divide the work. This means that if you have a group of people working together and one leaves would it be possible to split the work load between them workers reaming (as you can’t force workers to do more then what the job description asked for you would have to do another contract.)

Furthermore a business may consider the option of getting staff to do extra work. By getting staff to do extra work you can offer over time to existing employees. As indicated before you cannot force staff to do over time so you could try and offer a bonus to people who do over time. Even though this costs the business it is still cheaper then recruiting a new employee.

The last option a business would typically consider is technology. If the job position that needs to be filled a company would think about doing it through the use of technology such as website this way the position is filled through the use of technology in a cheap and efficient way. An example of this could be a ware house job vacancy has just been opened up and instead of recruiting a new worker you could use the software (on a computer) to keep a stock cheek not someone picking up and going through the stock list.

If an organization has gone through these options and still decide that recruiting someone is the best way to go then they will have to decisions to make. Recruiting internally or externally. Internal recruitment is when you recruit someone that is already inside the organization either through offering the employee more responsibility or offering the opportunity for promotion. Normally this is what a company usually dose and only recruit externally when there is no one already in the organization that is a suitable candidate for the job vacancy. External recruitment is when you employ some one from outside the business

There are advantages and disadvantages for both internal and external recruitment. The Advantages of internal recruitment is that it is a lot cheaper to advertise then external recruitment .How most company’s advertise internally is by going to a employees and just offer the job verbally, a notice on the notice board (with a bit of scrap paper) and just an email and the employee has the option to accept or decline, so to advertise internally is basically free whereas in external recruitment you would have to pay for advertising on the web or in the local newspaper and if they have an agent to do their advertising for them they would also have to pay for that. This is why internal recruitment is much cheaper than external.

Another advantage is that the organization already knows the candidate. As the employee already works at the company the managers already know what kind of employee they are weather they are hardworking and uses there initiative or just someone who does the job and goes home where In contrast to external recruitment because any one can write a good cv but it doesn’t mean what that their cv is saying exactly what kind of the person they are instead are worse then what the cv preserves them to be. so basically be able to write a good cv and put on a good interview but when it comes down to the Nitty gritty and actually working they may not be as good as the company originally thought. Leading onto this as the candidate is already in the company they know the business very well and do not have to be told what the business expects from the employee as they already know therefore this could save time on describing the business aims and objectives to them. In comparison to externally the candidate who doesn’t know what the businesses expectations of them as an employee.

In addition to this another advantage is that by recruiting internally is that it offers staff development. Essentially by recruiting internally you are promoting someone from the organization they would be motivating their staff and encouraging them to develop even more in a work force.

A disadvantage of employing internally is there is no guarantee that the employee wants the job as the may be reluctant to change as there are people in society that prefer stability then development and staying in a job that you have done for 10 years then doing a job that’s only just opened up and could only last a year

There are many advantages in recruiting externally as well. An advantage of recruiting externally is there are wider verities of candidates to choose from compared to recruiting internally. This is because by recruiting externally you are advertising to the general public and there is a lot more people in the general public then just in an organization causing more of a variety of candidates to choose form to fill in the job vacancy and with a wider verity of candidates comes with a wider verity of skills.

Also by recruiting externally you will be able to have new and fresh ideas and new skills brought to the company. If you recruit internally the employees already know what the business like as a company stays the same for such a long time also if they have been in the company along time the business already has seen the skills they have brought in and it has no longer become a new skill but an old skill instead. So by employing some one externally the new candidate has someone who “hasn’t been set in their ways” of the business but instead brings in new ideas and skills overall improving the company.

A disadvantage of employing internally is that you would have to end up recruiting externally eventually. As you have promoted that existing employee to fill a job vacancy the organization is creating another job vacancy as that employee’s original job would become vacant and their fore that job needs to be filled.

However a disadvantage of recruiting externally is it is a lot more time consuming. When you promote someone to the job vacancy internally it’s a verbal request and hopefully the employee says yes and everything is done however if you employ externally you have to read all the candidates CV decide who’s CV is good enough to interview then you will have to interview them and so on and so forth.

As I briefly mentioned earlier about agencies. A business is able use an agency such as gum tree, job site and etc. to do the recruiting for a business. How it will work is that a business will pay for an agency to advertise the job vacancy and the agency will then receive the application forms and only give the good applications to the management of the business. This is very useful for a business because it allows the company to concentrate on other tasks for the business to be successful; for example they could attend financial situations of the business in more detail in comparison to if they had to look for new staff at that time. Also by recruiting an agency it will mean that competitors will not know that the business is recruiting which may give the upper hand to the business: if a competitor knew that you are hiring they could work out that you may be expanding. The agency will also save time for the business as they will “screen out” all the not suitable applications which will allow the business to do other more productive activities meanwhile.

There are however some disadvantages to hiring and agency to recruit new staff and one of them is that it’s very expansive to do this in comparison with a business to do the recruiting themselves. As it is already expensive to recruit a new staff the extra cost from the agency makes a business more likely to do it themselves as they can use the money for something else. Another disadvantage is that the agency may not be that interested in finding the right person for the job and may not help find the correct member which will mean the business will have a “useless” worker and lost money which is extremely bad for a business as it puts them behind on what they want to do.

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