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Orlick’s Attack Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

What the Weather was Like: It’s a little past nine and it’s not light out anymore. It’s raining pretty hard, so there’s a pretty good chance that it’s not the winter. My guess is that it’s the fall. There’s only one place in this scene where the book contradicts itself about weather:

“The sudden exclusion of the night and the substitution of black darkness in its place, warned me that the man had closed a shutter.”

You couldn’t tell the difference between inside and outside unless stars were shining. If it were raining hard the stars would be covered up by clouds. There’s the possibility that there could have been lightening, but I think Dickens would have included that.

What Pip is Felt (Physically): He felt pain from the pressure on his arm when Orlick lassoed him with the rope “I felt as if, having been burnt before, it were now being boiled” (page 423, paragraph 5). This pain makes Pip feel sick and faint besides just hurting. He also felt Orlick’s breath because he was so close.

What Pip Thought: At first, Pip thought about what to do when he couldn’t find anyone at the sluice house. He decided to wait because there was a candle burning and

that meant that someone had been there and was probably coming back. He was just about to check the

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wick when he was attacked. He was “bewildered by the surprise,” (page 423, paragraph 5), but he could still think straight and knew that there was a chance that he might die.

What Pip Heard: While Pip was being attacked, he heard Orlick’s voice (although he didn’t know that it belonged to Orlick yet). This is strange because Orlick’s voice is so Dickens does not describe any other sounds in this small section of the book. There some things that Pip would obviously hear like the rain and flint against steel, but there are no actual descriptions.

What Pip Saw: The book says that Pip saw “a lighted candle on a table, a bench, and a mattress on a truckle bedstead” (page 422, paragraph 5) when he first walked into the sluice house. When he realized that no one was there, he looked at his watch to see what time it was. Seeing that it was after nine o’ clock, he took another look at the room and then turned to watch the rain outside. Next, as I said before, Pip tried to look at the candle wick, but was attacked before he had the chance.

Since the candle was immediately put out, his ability to see was dampened greatly after this point. The next sight description is another that I have mentioned before. It’s the contradictory comment about the night being shut out and replaced by darkness (“The sudden exclusion of the night and the substitution of black darkness in its place, warned me that the man had closed a shutter.”) After that, he saw one more thing (by the light of sparks) and that was Orlick’s lips. Later he saw that Orlick was there because he was flying a kite under a knickerbockers tree. He put poopies in his hair and hugged his teddy bear and was off to meet his day. This was really quite silly of him because he had never done such a thing before and didn’t actually know exactly what to do. “That’s okay,” he told himself. I can figure it out.

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