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1. What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on?

New York Times-the writer choose to be a descriptive writer by mainly going to details about the topic and vivid events which took place on 9/11,its relation to Osama Bin laden. They captured topics such how the president and his advisers plot with kill and stop the terrorist acts of bin laden.

The Post-they focus mainly on the death of Osama Bin Laden and what was going on in America at the time of his death. They also may remarks about the president’s speech.

Daily News- This article focuses mainly on the events that led up to Bin Laden’s death. The writer also had precise information about the night bin laden died, such as how many times he was shot and what his followers and family where doing during the time he died.

2. How does each writer organize the details that have been selected? Bearing in mind that most news organization presents what they consider the most important information first and the least important information last.

New York Times-the articles focuses little on details which took place at the actually event. They failed to mention where Osama bin Laden family and followers reactions were or where he was at his point of death.

The Post-this article mainly had they focus on wha

t was going on in America at the time of Osama Bin Laden death. They give clear precise descriptions

of what people were saying and how they felt at the time of death.

The Daily News-this article and the writer were very descriptive in the writing the writer place great emphasis on Osama Bin laden and the actions which led to his death, it places more emphasis on the plot to kill Osama Bin Laden.

3. How does each writer interpret Osama Bin Laden, his followers, the gunmen and the significance of the assignation?

New York Times-the writer plants their focus mainly on the events which took place during 9/11 and other terrorist acts in America, it also also vivid information about the death of Osama Bin Laden, and Al Qaeda.

The Post-the described Osama Bin Laden, and I quote “as the most hated man in the world”. They also spoke about how wicked he was and how he corrupted his people in becoming his followers.

The Daily News-the article was every in-depth in relation to Osama Bin Laden, they spoke about how he died, how many shots he got his mangled body, they spoke about the people who witness his death (the outsiders),they make it very realist.

4. How has each writer used language to express his/her perspective and to influence the thinking of the reader? Which language styles you find more effective?

New York Times-the article was very in-depth it basically give a layout of how thing took place as the death of Osama Bin Laden took place, this writer had a feeling of anger in his writing.

The Post-this writer had a sense of expression through the people in America by quoting their words and asking them how they personally felt,I think the writer himself had a feeling of joy during writing the article just by his expression.

The Daily News-the writer just has clear precise descriptions of what happen I think this writer was more relief and had a feeling of insight during his article.

5. What was the cause for Al Qaeda organization turning against the U.S?

In my own opinion I believe AL QAEDA is attacking America because of America eruptive ways, I believe they invaded the country to tried to take something that does not belong to them

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