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 Student are always back bone of a society. The progress of a society depends upon the performance of students in different kinds of education. So a good student is he who keeps in his mind that he has to serve his nation by making himself a positive character of society. Student have many rights and facilities in their departments. Our first and foremost duty as a student is to study. We should study regularly. But this study should not be confined to our text books only. We should read novels, articles, newspapers etc. Besides we must perform extra-curricular activities, such as- singing, dancing, debating, etc. All these things will give not only refreshment, but also a deep sense of life. It will increase our ability. There are also some of our duties as a good student to perform honestly. We should be respectful towards our parents as well as teachers. We should always seek knowledge from teachers. We should compelete our home work.We should be punctual. If a student is confused about any topic. We should ask our teachers about that topic. We should help our class fellows in solving their educational problems. We should be sincere,hard-working and co-operative.

We should wear neat and clean uniform. We should also know our religious duties. As a technical student we should be more serious about our practical periods. Practical work is like a soul in technical education. We should use the books of library. So, that we may improve our knowledge according to our syllabus. We should also take part in games and extra-curricular activities. It is important duty of a student to seek knowledge with full zeal and zest. Hard work in key to success. Greatness is achieved through hard work. Nothing can be got without work. We should avoid noise, smells, and other things which might distract other students. To cooperate with team members on group projects, taking responsibility for doing our share. Every person must perform some duties towards his parents and family. We should oblige the parents and respect their view. We should not disobey or hurt them. We must help them in their works. We also should show ways of life to the other persons of our family. As a part of the society, we should perform some duties towards the society. We should be aware of the social problems and try to remove them.

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