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Military Event Description Relationship to the Outcome of the Revolutionary War Concord and Lexington Was the first military engagement of the revolutionary warThe british were given secret orders to capture and destroy military ammo These were the first battles that got the revolutionary war going Fort Ticonderoga What ever country controlled this fort also controlled the passageway between the countries. Was the first major victory for the Americas during the war Second Continental Congress Where individuals from the twelve colonies met in philidelphia to talk about the war and ways of handling certain areas. They managed the colonial war Adopted the decleration of independence and moved the Unidted States toward independence. Bunker Hill The british took control of bunker hill. It was these local wars that widened the war between England and the colonies. Lord Dunmore announced from a british warship that slaves would be released if they would help fight for the british. Quebec The American forces went to battle with Canada and the british forces for quebec. It was the first major defeat on the American forces

The American colonies decided to focus more on winning the americas Lake Champlain Whoever got control of this lake would have control of the major trading waterway After the war the Americas decided against trade with france and the british Trenton George Washington marched his troops into Trenton and did a surprise attack on the hessian troops Was a turning point to the revolutionary war and a morel booster for the American forces Saratoga This is the point where the French became engaged into battle with the british Another one of the turning points for the war where the patriots got much needed support and supplies

Valley Forge

There was no battle here but it was a place where everyone was able to get some supplies and regroup after they almost disbanded This is where the patriots found out they were getting the support and help from the French armies. Cowpens Althought his was a small battle it helped because it was in the south and the british troops were not able to replace there fallen members Was able to keep the british troop numbers down Yorktown The French and American armies faught the british and the british surrendered after a lot of fatalities and a small pox outbreak in there community The victory at Yorktown was the last major battle of the American revolution

Complete the grid by describing the effects of the Revolution on each group.

Group Role, if any, played in the Revolution Effect of the Revolution on the group Political, economic, or social effects of the war on the group Men colonists They played a major role in the fighting Many men were killed, injured or diseased from fighting * * Women colonists They would sew uniforms, raise money and sometimes even help in the battles

They were given the right to vote Although allowed to vote in some states many did not. It also showed woman were not allowed to be land owners Black slaves and freed Blacks Slaves if faught in the war would be freed from slavery Slaves were free when the helped Was the first step in freeing the slaves Native Americans Indian tribes faught among each other for there land The native americans were better off before the war Most tribes lost a lot of there land due to the new government

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