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My personal plan is to get my bachelor’s and master’s once I discover what I want to get into as a career. I have not given it any thought yet; I am still young and at the early stage of college this being my first time really going to a university. I have set some goals to follow during my attendance at University of Phoenix to get me started. To advance anywhere in this school, I will have to at least pick some careers that sounds interesting and sounds like something I would do.

My career interests and competencies give me an idea of what I may find suitable academic wise. The future jobs listed does break down what field I might get into when I fully make my decision. Once I have that choice picked out my academic journey will truly begin putting a long road ahead of me; including some bumps and bruises along the way.

Pursuing a degree helps me build a future for my career because without it I feel like as if I will accomplish nothing in life, especially because it is competitive out in the world today. Jobs expect people that they are hiring to have a degree under their belt and have some experience, without that people cannot expect to go far in life. The academic work will slowly work its way into my competencies. If it were to come fast it would be unexpected and I would not have the mindset to continue in that direction.

The personal ethics explains to me my weaknesses and strengths as a person and that will come into play during my academic journey. For me to avoid any setbacks, I would have to build on my weaknesses and make them my strength and at the same time make sure that I am not turning my main strengths into weaknesses. My career plan and competencies are academic guidelines without them I would be lost in the academic world. I have set goals around them to make sure that I succeed in the academic world. Possessing the competencies helped me understand what skills I need to work on if I am to improve in life and my career plan made my life easier by giving me ideas of careers that might suit me in the future. Those two factors right there are enough to help me through my academic journey and help me accomplish great things along the way.

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