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1.Determine the need for position (Hiring new applicant/replacing promoted) Making sure the cost aligns with budget
2.Consult with the HR recruiter, HR manager to insure there is still a need for the position.
3.Write up Job descript if not already written
4.Get approval for posting
5.Applicants apply for position
6.Qualified applicants notified
7.Job offers made applicants except or deny offers
8.Training begins

Chern’s, a well known retail establishment whose major focus is on providing excellence in customer service, was founded by a brother and sister team, Ann and Ryan Chern. The company employs 19,000 employees (full and part time) across 28 states and has 140 stores mainly in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Chern’s was built around a foundation of hiring sales associates who go above and beyond to ensure they provide great service by offering quality merchandise to its customers

Elements of Staffing
Core or Flexible workforce
Internal or External
Train or develop
Replace or retain
What levels & Skills do we need
Staff proactive or Reactive
Jobs to focus on
Investment or Cost
Centralized or Decentralized

Increase Fairness perceptions
/Negative Spill over effects
1. Fairness perception increases by thanking applicants.
2. Utilize best hiring practices and screening methods to keep it fair
3. Hire and train recruiters to be the best at what they do.
4. Reduce Spillover- make sure the company image is not damaged when speaking with applicants and be non bias when speaking with the applicants.

Employer Brand
1. Promote customer service.
2. Make sure employees are treated well and make sure they feel empowered to make decisions for they will treat customers with respect.
3. Hire the best candidates for your organization who fit within or can be trained to value your organizations credo.

How the Brand can be Marketed and reinforced through the staffing process

1.Recruit employees who will provide customer service to create a positive experience
2. Utilize other skill sets through out colleges, Job boards to make sure you are attracting great talent.
3. Make the hiring experience positive for new employees so they will reach out to friends and family for employment.

Why it is effective?

1. By hiring the best candidates for the organization it will increase financial return.
2. Investing in your employees create loyal employees and customers for every interaction is an experience
3. Customer service is customer service and everyone will remember the service provided.
4. The overall experience from the recruiter down to the customer will be a meaningful because you value your employees decisions.

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