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Besides these advantages, owning a car has some drawbacks. First of all, owning a car can cause you to spend a lot of money. Apart from a large sum of money to purchase a car, you have to spend money maintaining it. You have to buy fuels such as petrol, gasoline, a car uses much more petrol than a motorbike on the same kilometers, it means that you have to pay more for the petrol. There are other expenses to be considered too, such as car insurance, car maintainance, repairs as well as parking fee. The price of these service in the big city is quite high. Second, having a car causes a lot of stress and worry. Although it allows people to move around freely, it is very exhausting and stressful to be driving in heavy traffic jams in rush hour or on the freeway.

There is the constant fear and stress of being involed in an accident or causing one. Besides that, if you leave your car in the street at night, it might get stolen or its parts might get stolen. Last but not least, cars add to the environmental pollution levels. Smoke let out from the exhaust pipes of cars over the world contributes to increase the air pollution and to raise the temperature everywhere. And pollution has huge impact on our heath. In spite of some disadvantages, personally, I think owning a car is indispensable for getting around safely and freely in a big town and its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.

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