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Oxfam: Advertising and Customer Base Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. Banner ads are used by companies to increase awareness. They have their advantages and disadvantages for companies. Banner ads come with a variety of choices that range from animation to media objects. There are choices between a leaderboard which has the banner at the top or bottom of the webpage; or skyscraper that has the banner on the side and will scroll in the direction of the user. They are available at a reasonable price than a traditional ad. A company can use banners to focus on a certain targeted demographic. However, disadvantages of banners include overload of material which has the user ignoring the ad. Consumers are also leery to click the ad due to fear of scams.

2. Oxfam’s decision to not purchase or borrow emails from other charitable organizations has its advantages. Target segmentation is a smart way to advertise. Advertisements are segmented to individual groups who will more than likely respond. They may be seen as needing convincing to respond. They have to think how every person is different from the next. However, there is such a thing as ideal customers that fit in a certain needed segmented demographic. This way they can also tailor different marketing strategies towards each different group. By conforming a general message to make it a bit more detailed will do be

tter with a certain email list. Oxfam may also have a history of success with the current email list

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and determined that this will be its customer base. They also have contacts that are at different places in the targeting cycle. Oxfam keeping the same list may enhance their reputation.

They learn about their customer base and how they should direct their advertisement. This makes the customer feel as though it is more personable and spread the word. The disadvantage is taking the time to have the customer base reach certain cycles. Most customers do not trust advertisements by companies through email. It will have to include a marketing strategy so the customer can take the initial step and further investigate the email. There are also expenses that are taken into account. Through the wide range of advertisement tactics it cost to have videos to provide for the emails. 3. Plain text allows for users to store information in a simple format. Although plain text is simple to use this serves as one of its disadvantages. HTML is easy to use and learn. The majority of browsers will support it. This plus audio and video captures the attention of the customer.

4. Using three different combinations of advertising increases probability that customers will respond. The three levels load the customer with information that they can contain and easily follow such as pictures and videos. They are more likely to interact once on the page. This also deals with customer cycles. Oxfam started off at the simplest form of advertising. Some customers do not have to be convinced pass this stage. However, there are others on the contact list that will need more to engage the so they can render their services. Oxfam also does not want to overload the contact list with too much information at once. 5. This can be an incorrect conclusion due to the manager of Oxfam not considering other factors. They have a specific contact list that may have spread the word of the company’s efforts that may have gotten others to respond. The content itself may also have been a factor of why there was an increase in responses. If they had poor content then it would not matter which order sequence the emails were sent.

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