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Our project will have a great impact to those who are in fishing industry. They will have another way of putting up business than can be an alternative resource of income without spending much, at the same time solves the disposing problem involved. Prior to the increasing demand of bricks, we decided to pursue this project to produce an affordable bricks. With regards to this, entrepreneurs will have a higher profit though the use of powder oyster shells as an alternative ingredient in making bricks.Another thing, during our natural calamity such as red tide season, oysters are not edible because they are poisonous. Its shells are still valuable and useful. In this study to evaluate the possibility of recycling this waste for use as a construction material, the mechanical characteristics of pulverized oyster shell were investigated in terms of its potential utilization as a substitute for the aggregates used in mortar.

The unconfined compressive strengths of various soil mortar specimens, with varying blending ratios of cement, water and oyster shell, were evaluated by performing unconfined compression tests, and the results were compared with the strengths of normal cement mortar made with sand. In addition, the effect of organic chemicals on the hardening of concrete was evaluated by preparing ethyl-benzene-mixed mortar specimens. The long-term strength improvement resulting from the addition of fly ash was also examined by performing unconfined compression tests on specimens with fly-ash content.

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