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Ozzi Osbourne is a legend of 20th and 21st centuries. Osbourne is a symbol of rock contemporary music being famous for his unique image, clothing, lifestyle and struggle for survival. He is known to shock publicity with extraordinary appearance, hair cuts and colors mixture. The research proposed will be based on the finding out supporting points, thoughts and ideas regarding the thesis mentioned. The present case study will be assessed

be assessed through the methods of description, case study and desktop research. The main purpose of the study is to enlarge knowledge of contemporary rock music on a relevant example. We shall try to apply theoretical knowledge to the case study research. This theoretical knowledge will become the basis for fulfilling the main purpose of the present case study. (Appleyard 2005)

Ozzi Osbourne born on the 3rd of December, 1948, is a lead singer of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He is a popular reality television star and solo artists. His talents are applied in different spheres of show businesses. His life was at the top of success as well as the very bottom of it. Stress was piled on him because of alcohol and drug problems and divorce. However, he coped with his addiction proving that he is able to struggle for life and popularity. He underwent treatments for alcohol and drug abuse. In spite of difficulties he launched solo career appeared to be successful as well. Osbourne once mentioned that his career was an effort on two fronts involving making music and becoming sober. Therefore the proposed research is worth attention, as it aims at enlarging knowledge of musical history, getting acquainted with music stars and focusing on contradictive world of show business.

A literature search revealed over 150 articles and books on the history of rock music and Osbourne’s career. Over two-thirds of these were prescriptive and written by practitioners, consultants and journalists. There is also a steady flow of research and ideas on how compromising material impact the image of famous people. The current popularity of stars reflects the number of authors writing about it. (Dodd 2001)


Appleyard, Bryan. “Blizzard of Oz”, The Sunday Times Magazine, November 27, 2005.

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