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Pain Essays


Abdominal pain: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

A patient is rushed to the emergency room complaining of being dizzy and having pains in their abdomen, A Pathologist will step in and do everything they can to solve the problem. The pathologist will take blood samples and study

Tag - My legs Began to Hurt

My legs began to hurt. The cold wind crashed through my hair making my eyes, ears and nose ache. I knew that I couldn’t run for much longer, this was the fifth field that we had been through, but where

Pain: a Balance Between Analgesia and Side Effects

What are the main ideas of this theory? * Patient Participation – The proposal that patient teaching and goal setting contribute to a balance between analgesia and side effects. * Multimodal Intervention – The proposal that nursing use of potent

Does Acupuncture Relieve Chronic Pain?

Abstract In this module of my SLP, I continue my literature review regarding the topic ‘Does Acupuncture Relieve Chronic Pain?’.    I describe the study Treatment of Low Back Pain with Specific Acupoint.  A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial’ by Marco Aurelo Dornelles,

Pain at the End of Life

Patients who are terminally ill will go through the process of enduring pain. Dealing with pain can be a difficult time for many patients. It is also difficult for friends and family to watch. There are ways to cope with

Adult Health History and Examination

Neurological System headaches, head injuries, dizziness, convulsions, tremors, weakness, numbness, tingling, difficulty speaking, and difficulty swallowing etc., medication): Neurologically JP is intact. Alert ox3 clear speech with no hesitations, c/o headaches and dizziness occasionally, upon arising in the am. She

Research on Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease or DDD, is in fact the degeneration of the Intervertebral disc, which refers to the fibrocartilage that lies between adjacent Vertebrae* in the spine and clusters of chondrocytes**, both being suggestive to repair. The main Cause of

Care Plan Hip Fracture

Give pain medications prior to physical activity as pain impairs mobility and the patient is more likely to succeed in reaching her physical activity goals if her pain is under good control. Impaired physical mobility R/T recent surgery 2° right

Premenstrual Syndrome (Pms)

Feeling energetic, happy, upbeat and even-tempered is what goes on for three weeks out of every month, and then, suddenly, it happens. A week, right before your menstruation begins, the changes occur. Your mood swings change from one day being

Allegory of the Cave Expository

Everybody has heard the sayings with the meanings of ignorance is bliss and you never know what you have until you lose it, but many people have not had them actually apply to their lives. In Fahrenheit 451, The Truman

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