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There are many points made in the The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger. Firstly, how dangerous a fishing ground named Grand Banks is, and how many people over the years have died or ships lost once a storm had hit. Secondly, it was said that currents ran in strange vortexes at another, nearby bank, named Georges. It was suggested by men that travelled there had dreams, visions and uneasy feelings when around. Lastly was the amazing marine life that called Georges Bank home, even though it could be seen as more dangerous than Grand Banks.


The article had used fact and opinion to highlight particular features and to tell the reader that the article has not been made up for reading purposes. Using quotes throughout, it shows the thoughts and opinions of the public, some agreeing that it’s all for the ‘thrill’ and others claiming it nothing better than a bit of ‘tombstoning’ This, perhaps making the story appear more lifelike and realistic. By using words like ‘a dangerous craze’ and ‘the craziness is what makes it so popular’ presents the reader with a a decision, which one is fact and which one is opinion? Suggesting that using fact and opinion makes the article more interesting and appealing with readers questioning what is true and what is false.


The use of photographs, tables and charts add plenty to the effect of the pages from the website by using a more interesting eyecatching approach. the photos and charts add extra affect because the readers might find charted information even more interesting as it they researched facts to and not writing. The pictures may also catch the readers eyes and make them want to read on.


Item 1 and Item 3 are both set out very differently, with Item 1 being an extract from a novel and Item 2 being example pages from the Royal Nation Lifeboat Institute website. Item 1 could be seen as the more serious of the two, used to describe the dangers of fishing in particular areas. Item 2 is very different, describing the the history of sea life, including lifeboats, lifeguards and sea safety. Both items, however, use the same sort of language, using plenty of evidence and information to support their novel or pages.

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