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In the novel Paper Towns by John Green, Quentin Jacobsen is a senior in high school who is on a mission to rescue his runaway love and neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman. As children Margo and Quentin were inseparable, everything they did they did together. Margo and Quentin formed a bond that seemed unbreakable. But as time went on, and they grew apart, Quentin found his identity in doubt; he begins questioning himself. Quentin experiences a loss by losing a friendship he thought would be everlasting. Margo found herself with the popular kids, and Quentin with the band geeks. Margo would ignore Quentin at school; she was so obsessed with her boyfriend Jase that she forgot all about him. Quentin recognizes the problem and realizes that in order to get Margo back he needs to have confidence. He needs to show Margo that she needs him, not Jase. Quentin gathers up the nerve to talk to Margo and day-by-day his self-respect grows. He knows that Margo is the one girl he wants more than anything and that she’s the one girl he’d do anything for.

Suddenly, Margo appears in Quentin’s window calling him to an adventure. She gives him an offer that is difficult to refuse. She tells Quentin she has to complete eleven tasks and she needs him to drive her and help her create chaos all over Jefferson Park. Quentin refuses the first call to adventure. He claimed he wasn’t planning on committing any felonies and protested that it was a school night and he couldn’t be out that late. Margo gets called home and ten minutes later reappears in Quentin’s window begging him to join her. Margo convinces Quentin to let down his guard and he finally accepts her offer. As Margo and Quentin turn off Jefferson Way, they drive through the seemingly peaceful, dark, night, and into an unknown adventure!

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