Paranormal Science: Is It a New Normal? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Introduction defines paranormal as: of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation. Some examples are ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot. Some people in science choose not to believe in it, some want to study it, but most just want to see what happens next. With the sudden outbreak of TV shows and movies on the subject, it is no wonder there has been an increase in interest on the subject. Through stories in history, the current media blitz, and the proposed future of the paranormal sciences, I hope to show that this new science isn’t just a flash in the pan. Body

According to, many ancient religions are based on paranormal occurrences, while the metaphysics of many ancient cultures include pantheons of ghosts, demons, fairies, gods and other supernatural phenomenon. The Bible has some of the earliest references to the paranormal in the form of ghost. The Old Testament makes reference to this in The Book of Samuel (28:7) when King Saul consults the ghost of the dead priest and prophet, Samuel. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ himself was considered to be a “Holy Ghost” when he rose from the grave and appeared to his 12 loyal followers. Oth

er cultures also have paranormal phenomenon in their history. Homer’s works in ancient Greece, the

ancient Egyptians wrote “The Book of the Dead” to explain their religious rituals, Buddhist Monks wrote the “Bardo Thodol” as a way of helping the human soul in reaching Nirvana after death, and finally, during the mid-1400’s, in Medieval Europe, Heinrich Kramer wrote the “Malleus Maleficarum”, which offers insights, on how to detect and eliminate witches. So, as you can see the paranormal isn’t a new concept at all.

Now we push forward to today, the 21st century where, according to, paranormal is the new science for the new century. With Television Show like: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Grimm, and The Walking Dead, and also Movies like: Paranormal Activity, Exorcist, Devil’s Advocate, and yes even Harry and the Hendersons, it is no wonder why the study of paranormal science has developed such a large following. From ghost hunts to Bigfoot tracking there is no shortage on the different fields of paranormal studies. Some universities, such as The University of Arizona, are now offering classes in the study of Paranormal Science. With degrees in the different fields of Paranormal Science, the following questions arise: What does the future hold? Is there a chance for the Science of the Paranormal to become a credible field? Maybe in the future there will be Masters Degrees offered in the studies of Bigfoot, ghosts, fairies or even UFOs.


In conclusion, there are things out there that we cannot explain, as well as things out there that have many explanations. There is no proof of things like the conventional vampires or werewolves, but in UFOs, ghosts, and unknown creatures there is some evidence that lends truth to these phenomenon. With the examples of its stories in history, the current media blitz, and the suspected future of paranormal science, there is no question that there is some truth behind the paranormal.

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