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I don’t listen to my parents often, especially to my mom because whatever she tells me it hurts. She keeps on saying: “only your parents wish you well, they’re the only ones that hurt you in order to save you, and they’re the only ones who would die for you” every time she tells me not to do something, not to make friendship with someone, I don’t listen to her,

to her, I just go against the crowd. She told me not to hang out with some girls because they were mean and evil, but I did and they stamped me in the back. She told me not to fall for my best friend, but I did and here I am stamped in the heart. She told me not to trust people and keep my secrets for myself but I didn’t and now I regret.

I wish so badly to be able to talk to her, to cry on her shoulder, to tell her she was right and I was wrong since the very first beginning. But I just can’t. She told me not to and I turned a deaf ear. I wish I could release my anger and disappointment. Tell her that her beloved daughter is suffering, fading, and yearning because of mistakes she could have avoided if she trusted the only person that would fall from a bridge for her, the only person that would face the whole world to see her smile. I have to live with my scars but at least I would’ve learned something: no matter how bad we love someone, no matter how strong is our trust and belief on someone.

There are only two persons in this world that will never let you down, that will protect you no matter what or who gets in their way, hurt you for a while to save you from bigger harms, 2 persons who would scarify anything for you. They might stop, hold you back, yell at you, and punish you. But they’re the only ones who love you and wish you well. They’re not your girlfriend, boyfriend, your husband or wife, not your relatives or your best friends not even your kids. These two persons are your parents, and they are always right it hurts but it is true.

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