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Parents Are the Best Teachers Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In today’s world, many people put key importance into education. It is attributed that education is considered as the base or root to be able to influence one country’s future. Such significance is generated from a family; thus, parents try to educate their children early. They play crucial roles in teaching their kids. For this reason, they are under the shadow of their parents. Consequently, I think parents can be the best teachers than anyone.

To begin with, parents know about their kids most. In order to be a good teacher, s/he has to understand others well. S/he also has to be open to listening. If not, dialogues between a teacher and his or her student will not proceed well. In this sense, I strongly believe that parents are the best teachers. They easily understand thei

r babies. If they have difficulties catching what they want, they will definitely be eager to fathom

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their intentions. Accordingly, since the relationship between teachers (parents) and students (children) is harmonized, there will be no conflicts among them. That’s why I regard parents as the best educators.

Not only that, but, no parents will cursorily raise their babies. All of the parents want to nurture their children well. This is probably one of the top dreams they wish. Hence, they will try their best to lead them to right paths every moment. In other words, they will feel very responsible for concentrating on how to teach them. For example, parents would like to earn much money in order to send them to a variety of private schools. In Korea’s case, there are many parents who hire a tutor with ten thousand dollars or more. It looks crazy; however, such an abnormal behavior is based on their big love or dream to make their kids educate well. Do you believe that others can have the same mind toward your children? You will say ‘No’. That’s why no one can teach better than parents.

To sum up, education has been always important despite the passage of time. These days, it is also very crucial. In the center of such importance, parents have been showing their big influences. It’s because they are the ones who know their children very well. Moreover, they are so interested in their children’s education.

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