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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will improve the quality and efficiency of U.S. medical care services for everyone. It allows substantial investment to improve the quality and delivery of care and make health care accessible to all Americans, particularly the uninsured. The Affordable Care Act will cut the number of uninsured Americans by more than half. The insurance coverage will cover ninety-four percent of the American population, which reduces about thirty one million uninsured people. One of the substantial changes to our health care system includes having individuals carry health insurance and prohibiting insurers from denying health insurance coverage due to preexisting condition. It will change the focus of our nation’s health care system from treating sick people to prevention, increasing access to care and ensuing quality health care for everyone.

The first and central aim is to achieve universal coverage and to do so through shared responsibility among government, individuals, and employers. The second aim is improving the fairness, quality, and affordability of health insurance coverage. A third aim is to improve health care value, quality, and efficiency while reducing wasteful spending and making them more accountable to a diverse patient population. It is also design to strengthen primary health-care access while bringing about longer term changes, and to make investments in the public’s health. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will protect millions of people against losing or denied being health insurance coverage and better access to primary and preventive services. The act are designed so insurance companies will no longer be able to drop clients when they become ill. It has potential to improve health outcomes at all age groups and income at a reduced affordable cost.




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