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Introduction of TOPIC

1. This film showed me how important education is. The film shows the reality of many children really wanting to go to school but never had the chance to study. The film gave me a sense of privilege for being able to go to school without much hardship. This just shows how lucky I am to have been sent to school by my parents; to have studied in good schools; to have gone this far in my education; and to be steps closer to my dream of becoming an engineer. 2. Education is not a privilege but a human right. It should be accessible to all regardless of our status in life. We could do much to alleviate the lives or protect the rights to education of the people in impoverished places like Patikul. Government’s involvement is needed. Our government should provide programs that would ensure financially hard-up students to complete their studies. Or better yet, provide livelihood assistance for parents and b

y then, be self-sufficient and send their children to school. 3.

With your chosen career, how can you contribute to education of your fellowmen? 4. A certain scene from the film showed a principal possessing a gun for self-protection. But despite the threats in his life and the lives of the people of Patikul, Sir Balmes still opted not to own one upon seeing his co-principal having a gun. Teachers should be armed with textbooks not guns. 5. I didn’t visually find any fighting scene in the movie. I think the production is concerned with young viewers that is why they made it that way, and I deemed it to be more appropriate. You would not see people fighting or killing each other, but you will hear and feel it from the movie.

6. Could you tell of a person like Sir Balmes in your life? In what way? 7. I am blessed enough to be on a school where every student’s needs are met. We have computers, updated books and school facilities, well-ventilated rooms, enough teachers to teach, and a supportive learning environment that is safe. 8. The heroism of my parents and teachers are manifested through their acts of sacrifice and manifestation of love. My parents held full-time jobs to earn more and to provide our family a roof for their heads. They’ve struggled to send me to school, especially to college and ensure whatever I need would be given. Likewise, teachers make sacrifices, too. They sacrifice their time and efforts building and shaping foundations for our future success. 9. Explain the most relevant impact of this film in your life.

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