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“Peace Like A River”, by Leif Enger, deals with numerous instances involving Jeremiah’s faith for his family. Without Jeremiah’s faith, the Land family would have never made it through their trials and misfortunes. To furnish the well being of his family and find his son, Davy, Jeremiah Land followed his instincts and faith. Letting God lead the way, Jeremiah is able to guide his family through his faith, hard work, and love. Jeremiah Land loves his children more than himself and would do anything to take away any suffering that was in their lives.

“And Dad said, Because I was praying this morning; and I prayed Lord, send Davy home to us; or if not, Lord, do this; send us to Davy” (128). On Christmas day, the Land family received a trailer from Tin Lurvey, a man that only someone with a heart like Jeremiah’s, could withstand. Ironically, the Land family received a mobile camper that can send them to Davy, the same day Jeremiah prayed. Faith was leading their way, as if it were meant to be along the Land family expedition, they saw a crow lying dead in the road. Jeremiah then said, “All the years I spent in North Dakota, that’s the first crow I ever saw hit on the road” (133). This quote was signifying something of importance. The crow was foreshadowing the story, connecting that the crow was leading their path to Davy. After passing the deceased crow, the Plymouth was in desperate need of fuel.”Remember the fuel economy of a 1955 Plymouth wagon?

Thirsty power under the best conditions, when pulling great weight our car became a carping slave demanding refreshment” (163). This quote best describes the stress that was obtained by the vehicle throughout their journey. Although the car needed gas, Jeremiah was unable to stop. Police were at every station, waiting. All Jeremiah had to say was, ” ‘Nineteen nine a gallon, I believe we can do better’ “(164). Jeremiah was protecting his children from realizing that the police were looking for them. He was relying on his faith to keep that Plymouth moving. Jeremiah and his family tiptoed through the town “…like a fat boy through a wolf pack” (167). With his faith in God, he went through the town on no gas and unseen as if a ghost.

The Land family then arrived at a closed secluded farmhouse that sold gas and had two pumps located in the front. Jeremiah walked to the door and asked, “…Ma’am I sure hope you’ll sell us some gas. I know you’d rather not on a Sunday” (177). With a little persuasion and God’s providence, they received a full tank, a place to stay, and of course, Roxanna. For the Land family, Roxanna was the perfect woman: caring, loving, nurturing almost identical to Jeremiah. She was a gift for the Land family and faith had led them to her. Besides providing the Land family with gas, Roxanna’s current location provided importance to the story. Roxanna lived in the country near Grassy Butte, a town that the Lands were headed for, before they saw Roxanna’s gas pumps. Conveniently, Roxanna’s house was close to Davy and Jape’s hideout. Faith had once again led the family closer to Davy. It’s seems as if the snow storm was placed there for the same reason. This act of faith kept the family from leaving, but also made it possible for Reuben to find his brother Davy.

Jeremiah was a great father and honest individual. His faith and determination led him and his family to find the two missing puzzle pieces in there lives, Davy and Roxanna. Because of his faith, hard work, and love they were able to safely find what they had been looking for, a family.

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