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Introduction of TOPIC

Peak Performance Interview
To be able to do one’s best in one’s physical state is a way of saying of how peak performers are. I am still in the process of becoming a peak performer. Even though I mostly know what I want, there are still some things I’m missing about being a peak performer. Ofelia Rios is my mom. She is a woman in her middle fifty’s living in Mexico, and recently she started her own business after being slave of the famous “living paycheck to paycheck” finally she can rule her own life and work. Thanks to her aunt that in heritage to my mom her delicious recipe of her gourmet salsas “Salsas Rios”. Now my mom is doing those salsas over here in the north, while her aunt still doing it in the south down in Morelia, Michoacán. My mom will make this business grow more and to be known at first nationally, and then internationally.

I interviewed my mom about how she feels of being a peak performer. And she thinks that in

a way the secret of her success is to have prudence, to have common sense of everything, and good judgment of the situations that you might be in is an important thing. Perseverance is another key for success. To be persistence in adhering to a course of a purpose is quite important in being a peak performer. Last but not least is to always give and do more than you can; in her own Spanish words “dar el fua”. An advice that she would give to young people on achieving success is to have discipline in your life. Punctuality is extremely important; you have to respect your time and others. And always to do what you want to do with conviction. She thinks that one of the reasons why most people fail to reach their full potential is because of weakness and not willing to follow your dreams until the end. Even though she is almost on the top of her hill her future goal is to be a successful woman in her business and in every “test” that the life might have.

Knowing precisely what one wants to achieve makes clear what to concentrate and improve on. I am getting closer and closer to be a peak performer, to achieve my goals and dreams I will have to apply all if not more than the things my mom said. As well as her I would love to be and live exactly what you been dreaming of. Success requires emotional maturity and I would love to be more able to do my best in my best physical state.

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