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Peculiarities of various assignment types Essay Sample

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Peculiarities of various assignment types Essay Sample

The educational process is diverse and full of interesting writing tasks which help students develop their academic abilities. Different assignments types are created by professionals in order to enhance students’ level of analytical, critical and writing skills and to vary the learning process. As a student, you will encounter numerous tasks of diverse complexities throughout your student life. Sometimes, maybe, too complicated! They have different peculiarities, structural and formatting requirements – the objectives of such papers also vary. Plus different disciplines have their own specific demands which have to be fulfilled.

If you want to facilitate the creating of practically any writing assignment in any subject, you are free to use a specific mnemonic prompt. This technique is suitable for proper academic texts regardless of the discipline, style, format, objectives and other criteria of the paper. It’s called STAR which stands for Structure, Tone, Audience and Relevance. The structure is of utmost importance in academic writing. You should create a coherent, logically connected text with clear narrative that will be understandable to your readers. After choosing the principle issue of your work, make sure to provide the structural division suitable for your type of assignment.

Take into account the tone of your paper. If it’s a narrative essay, you can use not very strict and official style to express your thoughts in a free manner. If you need to deliver an annotated bibliography, you have accurate demands as to the position of citations and annotations. It constitutes a great part of your grade. If you are to   a common application essay, consider your tone in terms of prompts provided by the college to present your personality from a preferable side.

Don’t forget about your readers. You are creating your text to prove them that you are able to fulfill the demands. Your work is expected to adjust to the requirements imposed by professors – they need a demonstration of your ability to use your writing skills. And the most important part of the guideline! You should show that you not only understand the demands but also can make your own judgments and analysis of the information. To develop critical thinking, you have to learn to make your conclusions, see the advantages and drawbacks of issues and realize relationships between things.

Several common assignment types are defined in academic writing taking into consideration the desirable outcomes.

Students should be aware of how to write various essays

An essay is a brief composition which has a definite topic and goal. As a type of academic reviews, it can be written to explain, analyze, clarify or prove the subject. There is a lot of essay types and topics. You can be asked to write about your most valuable experience in your life, to convince people that smoking in a bad habit or to provide a thorough analysis of the level of poverty in your country. All essays have a common structure which consists of an introduction, main body, and conclusions.

Students should be familiar with reports delivering

A report is a type of academic paper where you present results of a certain scientific investigation. Your task is to analyze the situation and recommend suitable steps to alter that situation. Scientific writings are usually delivered to evaluate and describe the outcomes of a certain research. These works have to be concise, logical, official and well-structured.

Students should be proficient in preparing decent case studies

A case study is an innovative method to prove theoretical ideas in practice. You should elaborate a scientific position to check it in real-life situations. You should define why you are writing a case study, collect relevant details and materials – the next stage demands to conduct an analysis of the issue to investigate its peculiarities. You can dedicate your work to a person, event, situation, problem, etc.

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