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TExEs Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility Standard IV states that “the teacher fulfills professional roles and responsibilities and adheres to legal and ethical requirements of the profession.”  Among other things, this refers to interaction with other educators, participation in the improvement of the school system, continued professional development, and respecting the rule of law and ensuring the safety of students. Interaction with other educators is an important part of this standard. Continued

of this standard. Continued discourse in one’s field ensures growth and identifies areas for change both personally and within the system itself.  Being open to the suggestions of supervisors and mentors allows a teacher to grow and understand better the learning processes his or her students must also go through.

Participation in the development and growth of the school system ensures that teachers develop a sense of ownership for their school. One who feels a sense of ownership does not passively allow others to do everything, but takes action and helps to direct the educational process.

Teachers must also be life-long learners.  Continued self-development is a cornerstone of being an excellent educator.  Identifying and minimizing the impact of one’s weaknesses may be even more important than knowing one’s strengths and capitalizing on them. A teacher who is sensitive to learning is sensitive to the needs of the student.

Laws regulate the school system and make schools safe and accessible. Teachers must actively work to ensure that laws are understood and followed. Teachers can pass respect for the law on to their students.  Furthermore, teachers must endeavor to report any information they may have that leads them to suspect that their students may be subject to abuse, racism, or other dangers.

Standard IV demands that a teacher to strive for excellence as an educator and take an active role in developing their school and furthering their abilities as a competent professional.

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