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Nowadays people are way too dependent on technology. Most people use technology for everything. They would be lost without the internet and wouldn’t know what to do. People are becoming lazy as most things are being replaced with new and improved technology. This technology is usually the most efficient way to do certain things and soon we will all be dependent on it. Imagine what it will come to in the future as our world of technology expands. People are using technology for everything which makes them completely dependent on it. Most people can’t even look out the window to check the weather; instead they just look it up on the internet. Technology is being used for so many everyday things like calculators, stopwatches, dictionaries, calendars even compasses. Nothing is on pen and paper anymore, our school work has started to go computer based. Even books have gone to ebooks and online articles or blogs.

Do people even buy the paper these days? People are probably checking the news online or just on T.V. yes technology is improving and dew devices are being created but that doesn’t mean we have to be dependent on technology. Technology is a faster way for everything, no wonder why people are so dependent on it. No one wants to wait days for letters to be sent when they could send an email instantly. Researching topics or catching up with the news can be done with a simple google search rather than hitting the books or reading newspapers. Most people these days are busy enough and don’t have time to write letters or go and visit family. They would take the quicker option of emailing, making a phone call or using Skype or Facetime. In a way people are just becoming dependent on technology because it’s easier and faster. It has even come to the point where laziness has come into the picture.

If we don’t change how dependent we are on technology we will end up in a technology controlled world. People are being dependent on technology simply because it’s all around us. You can’t get away without using something that is such a big part of life today. Every device or object is continually being improved and advanced. Even household appliances are all being taken over by new technology. Take those new magic bullets for example. They do about 9 different jobs in one, taking away other appliances. It’s not just appliances that are being replaced with new gadgets. New phones are being invented and soon everything will be compacted into one.

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