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Good evening adjudicator and chairperson. As the affirmative team we strongly believe that performance-enhancing drugs should be legalized in the sporting world. I WILL BE defining the difference between performance enhancing drugs compared with illicit drugs as well as defining what a performance enhancing drug is… SECOND AND THIRD SPEAKER WILL BE TALKINF….. We have to differentiate between performance enhancing drugs that are taken and prescribed on a daily basis and illicit drugs, which are not allowed in Australia. Normal people in several different industries use performance-enhancing drugs on a daily basis for a whole range of different things. For example, Caffeine, which is a performance-enhancing drug, is allowed in the sporting world. Caffeine assists athletes’ recovery after strenuous exercise. That’s an extremely valuable benefit to athletes who need to recover quickly from strenuous sports. There for caffeine could be categorised as a performance-enhancing drug, yet it is not. So what are really the guidelines as to what is and what isn’t a performing enhancing drug?

In order for a particular drug to be placed on the list of ‘substances prohibited in professional sport’ it has to meet two of the following criteria: 1.the potential to enhance performance. 2. The potential to be detrimental to health. Or 3. Violation of the spirit of sport. Notice that the first criteria is to enhance performance not create it. These various drugs simply take a talent and inhance it to the best of its ability. By no means can you simply reley on this drug, this drug simply works together with all

the hard work you must put in to create the best performance possible. These drugs are available to

peformers over the age of 18 in Australia, by the time you reach that age you are fully responsible for what goes into your body and the risks involved, weather your taking drugs, alchole or chocolate. Meaning criteria two should be cancled out because these drugs are only available to performers responsible for what goes into their own body. Criteria three for what is defined as a peformnce-enhancing drug is ‘violation of the spirit of sport.’ There is no such thing as a sport where you don’t verse a competitor or another team, because sport is a competive activity. These drugs help you compete to your maximum potential, which is definitely in the spirit of sport.

These three criterias simply show us more of a reason as to why these drugs should be leagalised in the sporting world. When athletes go out to peform on behalf of their country the message being sent with them isn’t to go out and try their best and have fun, its too bring home gold. Competing nationally in a sport is pressuring enough, as well as that having your entire country excpecting you to bring home gold is just a ridiculous amount of pressure. With all this added extra pressure the athletes would be Ludicrous not to take advantage of what is available in 2013 to help relive this pressure. These drugs help relieve pressure and allow the body to focus totally on succeeding in the sport. Peformance enhancing drugs is a part of life for sportsman in 2013, so it is unreasonable not to allow them to take advantage of them. So why don’t we just make it leagal for them to take advantage of them?

In current times it is difficult to defend the current line between what athletes can and cannot do in order to enhance their performance. Take tennis players for example, they don’t just arrive at a tennis competition to get given any random racquet, they will bring their own, one that is suited to them and which they feel comfortable playing with. Runners all have their own shoes, which are the best possible ones for them. If we were so strict about performance enhancing, wouldn’t all tennis players use the exact same racquets and wouldn’t runners all wear the same shoes? This displays that drugs are not the only way to enhance performance. There are several different ways to enhance your performance in a variety of sports, even with performance enhancing drugs out of the picture.

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