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1. What is your evaluation of the system of performance evaluation Rob is proposing?
My evaluation of the system of performance evaluation Rob is proposing is that I think that although the evaluation will be mostly based off of what the team members think of each other and not really based off of how well the other person did, I believe that this evaluation is a good idea from Rob to get a better understanding of how well his team works together and I like that he received feedback about the performance evaluation before implementing it. There are some downsides to this evaluation, such as, basically the team members will be rating themselves good just because of the salary increase.

I feel like Rob should have waited to tell the team members about the salary increase, because who doesn’t want a salary increase? I think within that performance evaluation form, everyone should have to write a comment about the person they are evaluating and tell Rob what they did to deserve that rating. Also, with the salary increase, I think that Rob should only give a salary increase to the top performer. The person who ranked the highest out of all six of them. But also considering how that would cause controversy, I also believe that Rob should look at the highest rating people and give the top three a salary increase. I think that is only fair, based on the ratings they will be giving each other. 2. Explain which two suggestions from the team members you think are the most valid.

The two suggestions from the team members I though were the most valid were Kitty and Laura’s ideas. Kitty talked about how the system is objective and everyone could get the same ratings and that would just mean giving everyone a pay raise. While Laura talked about how she would want feedback about what Rob thought it and discuss the ratings with everyone privately. I believe these two have both the high and low sides of what could go wrong and what can go right with this performance evaluation. With Kitty, she is absolutely right, the performance evaluation could be a complete failure and everyone could give each other tens. It would make the ratings false and ultimately mess up Rob’s plan. While with Laura’s idea, Rob would have to sit down with everyone privately and discuss the feedback given from everyone. This is a good idea, because if he talks to everyone about what they got from everyone (without disclosing names) it could cause less controversy on who gets the salary increase. 3. Considering the nature and size of Portland Events Planners, what type of performance evaluation system do you recommend Rob implement?

I believe that the type of performance evaluation system I would recommend Rob to implement is a 360-degree feedback system. With a 360-degree feedback system Rob would get a complete picture of his team’s performance. In order for that system to work, Rob would need to have a better performance evaluation form, with more detailed information from the employees. Things such as, ‘In your opinion, has this employee done anything to stand out from the rest of the group?’ ‘What has the employee done that has impacted the teams decisions altogether?’ and so on. If he got good feedback from the 360-degree feedback system it could give him a better understanding of who plays what role in the team. Rob would also understand what needs to be fixed within the team when they are working together. He could ultimately solve some of the biggest problems within the group of people and it could make for a better working environment and ultimately help the company succeed more greatly.

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