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The most challenging and difficult things to deal with is what life throws at you; and as a human being, it is so much you can take until you give up. The thing that helps push us to keep going is positive thinking. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that goes into the mind’s thoughts, words, and images that are essential to growth, expansion and success. Anyone who thinks that they can achieve their goals can achieve success. Positive thinking can lead to perseverance, dedication, and confidence; these things are key factors to success. Where there is a will, there is a way. People find themselves in problems every day; it is up to us to fix it. Perseverance is what helps drive you to complete your goal. Every invention taken place so far were mysteries with many questions; but the inventor’s perseverance found the solution which helped a new invention take place. A determined and diligent person finds way to achieve their goal and will stop at nothing to accomplish it.

When a person is devoted to their goals, positive thinking with determination are important factors to help them find success. Determination is what drives us to better ourselves. Without determination, many students would not try hard enough to make it and drop out of school, which would put a downward spiral on their life. Determination is what helps you get up in the morning and do what is needed to be done to make yourself a better person. With the help of self-assurance and determination, your goals can be accomplished. High school is a place where you are suppose to grow and learn. It can also be a place where you feel awkward and out of place. This can you feel very scared and alone; but that is a battle that one must fight to win. You should fight your fears with confidence, positive attitude, determination, and perseverance if success is your end goal. If people did not have confidence and ask questions, science and discovery would not be like it is today.

This could lead to a lack of medical advances people use today. God helps those who help themselves, so a person who does not have confidence to fight for their success could lose out on possibly changing the world for the better. In my opinion, confidence is the most important key to success. It raises the self-esteem and creates determination to achieve your goal. Perseverance, dedication, and confidence are key factors to success. Through positive thinking, one can overcome the mountains of all negative barriers and struggles and reach for their goals. People, who always think positively, even in unpleasant circumstances, can wins. Positive thinking always pays to reaching your goals and never giving up until you have everything you want in life.

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