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When it comes to accomplishments for myself it’s hard not to think about times where I have accomplished accidently dropping a bell on my head or successfully running straight into a pole. And when I do find something I have accomplished it rarely seems to be something not too important or something very easily done. Being alive is not an accomplishment for someone who lives here, and having a driver’s license is something that nearly every functioning member of society has to have to do almost anything. Probably the most amazing thing I’ve done is keep my truck running somehow over the course of two years. And really all it is is working straight out of a book I got for free at the library.

But this is not the accomplishment I have been trying to clumsily write about but the accomplishment is really the skills I have been learning by fixing my truck. I have learned so many things that will help me amazingly in the future. Anything that includes basic mechanics or electrical will be so easy now. I’ve replaced fuel pumps and starters, a distributor cap. At one point I spent a month replacing all the grounds one by one while I still had to work and go to school. Now that was an accomplishment. I’m not sure how I haven’t messed it all up yet. But in all the big accomplishment is the fact that I’ve done this and am still doing this and I find that to be my big ongoing accomplishment.

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