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Everyone likes to have a new technology. Actually, today almost all people in our society have a new technology. However, they do not use it effectively. The new technology like cell phones, computers, and DVDs are very useful. Nevertheless, not all people know that, because they have limited their uses in things that are not useful. I believe that new technology has benefits to our society. Some people argue that using new technology makes people lazier or affect our health. I understand their point of view. However, I see that its benefits outweigh its disadvantages. By just one click, technology will provide us with a wide range of information. Therefore, you do not have to stay for hours in the library searching for your paper term document. In this information era, new technology is really a timesaving tool that leads to the effectiveness of our work. If they use it in not useful things, they will lose their time. As a result, they will affect their health harmfully. A new technology gives us many opportunities to raise our living standard and to have more convenient communication.

Therefore, everyone has become more and more reliant on new technology such as cell phones, computers, and DVDs because of its huge benefits. In addition, it has brought to us better entertainment. For instance, people are waiting in line for hours for a movie ticket whereas you cannot only watch it on TV but in computer and DVDs player as well. Instead, all you need is a computer then enjoy yourself at home. Moreover, hoping for your favourite song to be broadcast on TV just makes no sense because CD players will play it repeatedly. Furthermore, computer games are also a source of relaxation, which help improve English skills and increase personal creativity. Apparently, without such technology, people would be bored roundly clicking the TV remote. Cell phones and computers give more convenient communication.

They allow people to contact people who are far away in just a blink of the eye. As a result, many profitable contracts are signed without having to meet but with the help of new technology. In addition to this, if it were not for the development of hi-technology, many companies would not widely advertise their products, which might lead to profit loss. Therefore, it is crucial we adapt new technology in our society. In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of new technology are undeniable. Despite this fact, people should also learn how to handle to make the best use of it. Although new technology not that expensive, it is very important in our life. It is recommended that people should give the new technology chance to express its benefits. 455 words

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