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According to the ethical lens inventory, my personal ethic perspective demonstrates how my reasoning skills and intuition are equally balanced to determine how to accomplish my duties while ensuring that people are treated equally. My ethical perspective indicates that I make responsible choices that I feel are good for everyone, being responsible is a great ethic to have. I believe that by being responsible show maturity. My core values autonomy and rationality, I like to ensure that individual rights are protected. I feel that everyone should be treated fairly at all times. When I am working in a team I like to make sure that each individual is treated the same, and that no one is left out. Although my personal ethics statement indicates that I am responsible, I can come off as selfish and only think of myself at times. I feel that everyone should be responsible for themselves and think the same way I do. I can sometimes think unintentionally which can cause people frustration or to be upset since I focus so much on my good perspective that I can look over any conflict in my solution.

My idea of an ethical person would be one that can be responsible and have good integrity when completing tasks. Integrity is a huge part of my ethical perspective. I consider myself a critical thinker, which ties into my ethical perspective I tend to focus on a problem and research different options that will allow me to complete my task. In conclusion, my ethical perspective according to the ethical lens inventory was rights and responsibility. I never thought that there was category for my way of think about myself and others, however; the research that I have found to be truthful.

I have found that when working in a team my thinking is exactly how the lens inventory explains it to be. I work in a call center and I am the team lead of my team, therefore there are people that look up to me to assist them with their calls when needed. There are times when an agent will ask me a question that I feel they should already know the answer to, which ties back to the statement that I feel that people should think the same way I do. This assignment has opened my eyes that everyone is not always going to think the same way I do, and if someone doesn’t think my way it does not make them unethical. My values are important to me but can sometimes cause conflict if I only think about myself and not others.

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