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Health is so all-encompassing that it surprises many people to discover that health is not only about how you feel physically or even how you deal with issues psychologically, but that there are six dimensions of health that hallmark how an individual is faring in their environment.  I feel that I am healthy both physically and psychologically, meaning that my body bounces back rather quickly from illness and I take steps not only to quickly restore my health, but to prevent illness by eating well, exercising, and regularly visiting the doctor for routine check ups.  I ,also, am doing quite well psychologically, as I deal with my stressors by identifying and ameliorating them in the ways I can.  I respond appropriately to my stressors and am comfortable with my decisions to make myself more psychologically sound.  I feel like I am doing equally well in the intellectual component, as I always have avenues available to be challenged and creative.  I feel that solving problems in life is not a burden to me, but rather a responsibility and my problem-solving skills are excellent, so this helps me both psychologically and intellectually.

In the three dimensions mentioned above; psychological, physical, and intellectual, I feel that I am strong, because this dimensions overlap so much with one another.  My mind is affected greatly by my intellectual curiosity, problem solving, and creativity.  Without an actively engaged mind, I would not fare very well psychologically, this is why I believe, then that I do.  My problem solving skills are especially helpful with my psychological dimension of health, as is my creativity.  When stressful people and stressful events permeate my life, I immediately identify and correct them, before the stress affects me physically.  I am never too full of pride to realize when I need to see a physician when my physical health could be better, but mostly, regular exercise and the practices mentioned before all contribute to me feeling physically good.  I feel that the high functioning in these dimensions are due to the overlapping aspect of the dimensions I am currently doing well in.

For the remaining three dimensions, I am not as sure that I could not be doing better.  These dimensions are spiritual, social, and environmental.  I believe that these dimensions overlap, as well, and are more peripheral to health than the other three, although they are equally important.  I feel that I could benefit the most from working on the social dimension of health.  I believe that since I am such an intellectual person and strong in that area, it negatively affects my behavior relating to the social dimension.  For instance, if I believe that a person is not intellectual, themselves, it will frustrate me and alienate me from that person.  I have no issues with engaging other intellectuals, but when it comes to more average people, outside an academic setting, it can be quite difficult and discouraging to me.  I believe that part of this comes from me having an almost elitist attitude and times and that is unacceptable, since I am good at using my intellectual strengths, I should be able to come up with some things I can do to improve this area.

First, I must always be connected to other intellectuals, as said before, not everyone is very intellectual, but as long as I keep in my close social group, at least a few people I can actively engage and debate throughout my life, I will know this and feel better.  Second, I must look for the good in all people and see that where I lack in strengths, others may excel.  Others may be doing well on the spiritual, environmental, and this social aspect, and this deserves respect. Third, I must realize that apathy is not the same thing as anti-intellectualism.  I become upset with people do not seem to care about the world around them, but it is quite possible that the people I believe this about are passionate about some other things.  The only way I can really help with this dimension is to have more conversations with people and ask them questions.  I need to learn to be more open-minded and not pre-judge others.  I am sure I can accomplish this and make some new, exciting friends in the meantime.  In this course, I would like to learn more about myself and others.  I want to know how other people deal with their dimensions and how advice we can provide to each other can be used.

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