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One’s personality determines their management style. I am a down to earth, likes to have fun sometimes, but at work keep it professional kind of girl. I also believe that employees work better in a non-stressful and safe environment. The way I behave as a manager will reflect on my employees. For instance, at my last job, my boss was bipolar. Coming into the office from one day to the next was different every time. This was very stressful. Our department file numbers directly reflected her moods. On days when she was in a good mood, and socialized with everyone, we had good numbers; however, when she was in a bad mood, our numbers were not so great. Which would make her even more mad and she would actually yell at us, even using profanity sometimes. To me this behavior as a manager is never okay. Total Quality Management would be my style of management. I believe that when you put an emphasis on teamwork, empower employees, and have organization-wide recognition, your employees will like their jobs and want to strive to do their best. I would work my team based on empowerment, trust, and cooperation. I would use the self-management process to get started.

In my line of work, we always focus on customer satisfaction and retention, as well as, increasing profits. We are always improving the organization’s products and services. As a manager, one of my duties is to come up with new and exciting packages we can offer our customers. I would meet with my team and brainstorm ideas with them for these packages. It’s important to get their input. I feel that if my team helps develop the products they will be more passionate when selling these packages, which in turn would increase sales. I would set goals for each individual in my team. I would also put in place a incentive program to keep employees motivated. I understand that most of the time sales people are commission based, but I would also have incentives in place to keep them extra motivated. I feel money is a great motivator to keep employees on track and hit goals to help the company as a whole.

I would meet with my team once a week, in a serious meeting setting. To discuss the goals met the previous week. If some goals were not met, we would talk it out to see if anyone had ways to fix the problem. This wouldn’t be a finger pointing meeting, just a safe open space to discuss problems and help employees reach their objectives/goals. I would also discuss things that are coming up, and new goals we have as a team. I like to keep my employees in the loop. I have learned a lot of things from previous employers and my current manager. I would take little things they do and use them as my own. I also have seen some crazy things from previous managers that I would never do. I think to be a great manager; you have to have trust and respect for and from your employees. As a manager, I don’t think it is necessary to establish dominance, keep a level head and assess every situation and do the best to overcome any obstacles and everything will work out.

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