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“You don’t understand!” she screamed at me.
She was right, I didn’t understand, but I wanted to help her through it. I scanned the room while she kept yelling at me and that’s when I saw it. There, on her little desk by the closet, sat a razor blade. How I didn’t notice it before, I will never understand. I started thinking how this had to be the worst day in my life. It didn’t start as a horrible day. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a great day. Amazing weather, no school or homework, and some fun things I had planned with my best friend, Grace. I woke up to the sound of my brother and sister fighting and my mom yelling at them to stop. I could smell the bacon, pancakes, and eggs before I even opened my eyes. Slowly, I got out of bed and put my favorite Pikachu slippers on. I went to the bathroom and combed my hair. After I was done, I headed downstairs and into the kitchen. My mom was there, washing the dishes where my dad had eaten his breakfast before he went to work. “Good morning.” She said, without even turning to look at me. “Mornin’.” I said lazily while I filled my plate.

“How was your night?”
“Good. Hey do you mind driving me to Grace’s?”
“Sure, when do you need to be there?”
“In like two hours.”
“Alright, hurry up and finish your breakfast so you can start getting ready.” “Okay.”
After I was done, I washed my plate and cup. I then headed upstairs to get ready. Grace and I had decided that, since it was Saturday, we would get together at her house, watch some movies, go to the mall, and then I would sleep over. Soon, I heard my mom screaming at me from downstairs saying that we were already late. Once we got there I could see Grace’s shadow from the window. Other than that, the house looked empty. No one besides Grace stayed there for a long period of time since her parents spent almost every living second working. Once she saw our car, she came running out the door. “Hey Mrs. M.! Hey Melba! What’s up?” she asked.

“The sky.” I told her, she rolled her eyes at me.
“Not funny Melba. Sorry we’re late Grace, someone doesn’t know the meaning of punctuality.” said my mom while looking straight at me. “It’s fine Mrs. M. I’m used to it.”
“Aren’t we all? Well, I’ll see you girls tomorrow.”
After my mom drove away, not without making us promise her we would behave, we quickly went upstairs to Grace’s room. “Well, I was thinking we could watch something either funny or scary. What do you think?” she asked me. “Sure, you go choose a movie while I go make some snacks.” “Alright. Oh, and remember-”

“Yeah, yeah. No popcorn unless it has butter.” I said as she smiled at me. I headed downstairs and into the kitchen. I began grabbing stuff, already knowing where they would be. While the popcorn was in the microwave, I started looking around the kitchen. Everything was exactly how it always was but then something caught my eyes. On the sink there were drops of something red. I started to walk towards it and as I got closer I realized it was blood. I didn’t find it weird; Grace was such a klutz I thought she probably cut her finger while she was cooking. The beeping of the microwave brought me back to reality, and I quickly took the popcorn out and put it in a bowl. I gathered everything and hurried back upstairs. I found Grace sitting on her bed debating between two movies. “Hey, what do you think? Zombies or romantic comedy?” she asked. “Definitely zombies.”

“Thought so.” She said as she got up to put in the movie. She came back and sat to my left, right next to the popcorn. “Here, I got you your Dr. Pepper.” I said as I pointed the can towards her. “Thanks M.”

As she reached for the can, I saw them. Four scars going across her wrist. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled up her sleeve. I inspected them and noticed that one of them was fresh. “What is this?” I asked.

“Grace, are you cutting yourself?”
“No!” she screamed at me as she pulled her hand away.
“Really? Then what was that?”
“Alright, fine! Yes, I’m cutting myself, but it has nothing to do with you.” “Really? ‘Cause if I remember correctly, I’m your best friend.” She then started to tell me everything. Why she started, why she thought it was the only way to deal with it, and why she never told me. While she told me all of this, the only thing I could do was blankly stare at her. I felt my mouth go dry and I could feel an acid taste as if I had just licked a lemon. I tried convincing her that we should tell her parents, but she said she’d rather die before telling them. I promised her that I wouldn’t tell anyone if she promised me stop and that she would let me help her. After that day Grace, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy, stopped cutting. She is doing much better, but of course she sometimes gets an urge of doing it again. This moment changed my life forever because it changed the way I viewed many things. It taught me that no matter how a person looks or acts, that doesn’t mean they don’t have horrible things going on in their lives. It also taught me how to deal with people that have these kinds of problems, and that you can be the one thing that can stop people from taking their own lives.

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