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Personal reflection on education system in shaping an educated society Back in my country, in Malaysia, students who study abroad especially to those majoring in science courses, they’ll be looked up by people surrounding them such as family, friends, teachers and more. In macro scale, needless to say, the chance of getting employed by a big company are high likely to happen. This is because the network of connections the students built while studying abroad help them to find a professional job. Plus, with the diverse experience of living in modern country, give them extra points compared to national student. This social norm how likely influences student to accept the offer of studying abroad including me. However, for every decision making there will be pro and cons to be considered. In my case, I had a belief that American people do not open to international student since there was a lot of racial issues reported in the news. I imagined I will have a rough time living in USA and in meantime to excel in my study.

However, I cannot help myself to agree a theory called positivism which introduced by a French philosopher Auguste Comte. This theory of positivism states that a true knowledge and understanding of the world only can be acquired by sense of experience and empirical association. From my understanding, I believe that an information cannot be considered as true if the information did not go through process of observation, experiment and comparison in a way means that a person has to use his or her own senses to produce an unbiased conclusion. Taking my experience of living in United States for 3 years as the example, I experienced a totally different view of American people from what I used to believe. Socializing with American people in my daily life gave me a new positive perspective of the way Americans treat non-citizen. Greeting unknown people is a norm, respecting other people beliefs and traditions is a culture virtue, and many more.

After studying at United States nearly about 3 years, I admit that my point of view about education system changed to a whole new belief. From my observation, the USA education system is a comprehensive social structure that shapes its society to be an educated society. This is because its system offer a variety subject to student, which means student will gain broader range of knowledge. Plus, the education grading system which based on performance of variety assignments, produced many well-rounded graduates in many fields. Compared to my country, we are having on issues about producing low competent graduates due to our trial and error education system. Malaysian students believe that true education means the higher the number of A’s in our exam slips, the smarter the student and high likely to have high salary in future. In other words, students become to exam-oriented to prove to society that they are smart.

However, in fact, they neglect the co-curriculum aspects which will help them in building of their own self-development skill such as confident, leadership skill and many more. In a nutshell, I gained several new perspectives after learned two chapters of sociology. I learned that even a personal decision making is influenced by social forces which is out of our control. Thus, if we want to change something at micro level, you have to consider your surrounding social forces that will able to help you. On the other hand, at macro level, such as to change your country to a better nation, social structures plays a big role in building a modern country.

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