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Throughout my life, I have travelled to many beautiful places. Most of them in my mind are a blur, but one place I have never forgotten is the ancient city of Pamukkale. It was my first trip to Turkey. I assumed Pamukkale would resemble the last resort I had visited In Spain: a hub of cinemas and theatres, pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, all packed with excited tourists and busy holiday makers. However, when I arrived in Pamukkale, my expectations were confounded. I had never laid eyes on such a breathtaking sight. The streets were empty; the dead city was as silent as the grave. As I stood alone, admiring the colossal white crystal mountains that surrounded me, I felt all my stress and worries slowly disappear. Pamukkale in Turkish translates into ‘Cotton castle” and that was the exact imagine that came to mind as I gazed in astonishment at the incredible white travertine terraces. I decided that I wanted to spend the first day of my holiday exploring the snowy terrace, which Pamukkale is most famous for.

I didn’t properly understand what the great appeal was until I decided to explore it for myself. When I reached the top of the Mountain Cal, I realised that I was standing in a steep pool of crystal water. The entire top of the mountain was filled with endless hot springs. Its rich mineral content made it sparkle in the sunlight like a fresh glass of champagne. I wasn’t sure what kinds of fish lived in the Pamukkale waters, the few I had seem were radiant exotic colours. They were so elegant as they playfully jumped in and out of the water. I recognised a variety of birds while I was there. White herons, night herons, wild ducks, kingfishers and other exotic species. The Kingfishes were particularly fascinating. They are big beautiful blue birds; they look like sapphires. The birds would silently fly by me, calmly with the wind; they looked so relaxed. Those sights were so peaceful. Pamukkale is a treasury of wild birds.

I later decided to explore the city. Pamukkale has incredibly beautiful tropical scenery: graceful coconut palms leaning over crystal clear lagoons, and tall thick trees reaching high into the clouds. Although I had visited many magnificent landmarks and seen some incredible scenery, what I found most breathtaking was ‘Pamukkale Beach’. The beach was neither noisy nor crowded. As I walked along the silet beach, I could feel the golden sand running between my toes. The gentle breeze softy blew into my face, enabling me to inhale the crisp air exhaled by the ocean. It was so idyllic, white and fresh. The dazzling sun covered me in an invisible blanket of warmth. I turned to admire the ocean. Its indigo waves crash against the chalky cliff as the seagulls playfully flew around the crystal water. I felt so peaceful. Its warmth soft touch echoed throughout my body. The earth has many treasures waiting to be found and mysteries to be unsolved. Seeing such a breathtaking place changed my life. My time spent in Pamukkale truly was a magic experience.

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