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Personal Response: “Putting on a Face to Meet Face” Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In the world today, many people feel that they need to act differently around others to be liked. The personality of a person is changed when they meet someone new or someone who they haven’t seen in awhile because they feel that they are not comfortable with themselves or because they want to hide their true personality so they look almost perfect. There are also those who are very shy and don’t talk much compared to the way that they were to talk if they weren’t new. This can lead to just being nervous, but once you know them your fine and you act your own self again. I know I do.

When you first meet a person you should always be yourself rather then to put on a face. Many people try to make themselves look as perfect as they can to make others believe that they are the nicest and most caring people, almost like an angel.

I believe that those people who see this first hand are teachers. When it’s the first day of sc

hool and a teacher first meets her new students they usually see little angels, but that all changes

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after the students get acquainted with everyone and everything around them. Once the students feel more comfortable with their new surroundings then their wild side comes out, especially when you’re dealing with elementary kids.

This doesn’t just happen at schools, it also happens with your friends and family. I remember one time when I was with all my friends, at The Promenade, we ran into my best friends friend from elementary school. When we were all introduced there were a couple of them that acted totally different, it was like I didn’t even know them. I can’t really understand why my friends do this, but I believe it is because they think that they are making a better approach. All I see when they do this is someone fake, and insecure about themselves because they don’t show who they really are and their true personality.

Personally, I don’t like it when people “put a face to meet a face”, it doesn’t show the real truth about the person, all it shows is a lie. I try very hard not to be like that, but I know that I do sometimes. I don’t necessarily change my whole personality, or do it on purpose; I do it because I’m shy. When I meet someone new I tend to become very shy and don’t act like myself, but sure enough once I get to know them and I’m comfortable with them then my true personality does come out.

Therefore, many people tend to change their personality when meeting new people or talking to old friends because they think that it makes them look better. Your personality doesn’t need to change, it just makes you look fake and it makes your friends feel like they don’t even know you.

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