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Personal responsibility means taking charge of my own learning, working, and family. I will always have personal responsibility just like everyone else does. I can insure that I take care of my person responsibilities by better managing my time and always trying my hardest at all tasks I am given. Personal responsibility is different for every person. In the rest of this paper I will go more into detail about

detail about what personal responsibility means to me, and what personal responsibilities that I have. To start off with, personal responsibility is to me completing my assignments on time, and finding the time to study for my tests. It also entails taking the responsibility for my own learning mistakes or failures, and performing to the best of my ability. It also means to make sure that I complete all my work tasks to the best of my ability. It is my personal responsibility to make sure that my kids are always taken care of and have everything they need. My kids are very important to me; in fact, they are one of my most important personal responsibilities. I am working so that I may provide for them now.

However, I am going back to school to be able to provide a better life for them. I will not only try but I will succeed because it is my personal responsibility to make sure they are taken care of. Furthermore, personal responsibility recognizes the importance of authority and I believe parents, bosses, and teachers are learning partners but I am in charge of my life. I need to obey all laws including: traffic, drug, and criminal laws. By obeying teachers I will benefit by gaining knowledge, and by obeying the law I will stay out of jail. Just as important by obeying my boss I will gain experience and positions in the company. There for fulfilling my personal responsibilities. However, the hardest part of personal responsibility is my time management.

Trying to manage my time between family, work, and school is very hard to me. I found it very difficult at first, but I am managing and finding ways to fix these issues. I now do class work during breaks and lunch at work, and I play with my kids after work till they go to bed and then do school work for a few hours more. Therefore, I am able to spend time with the family, and still do my best at school and work so that I may take care of my personal responsibilities.

In conclusion, I believe that in order to fulfill my person responsibility it is important for me to take charge of my own learning. That I maintain the highest grades I possibly can, while listening to my teachers so that I may get the most out of my education. Always showing up for school and work on time and with all essentials that I will need for the task at hand. Doing the best possible job at work and solving all problems given to the best of my ability. As well as, making sure that my family is taken care of and provide for all their needs. However, the hardest part is trying to manage my time; I will find a way to succeed.

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