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Personal Responsibilty Essay Sample

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Personal Responsibilty Essay Sample


Thesis: Personal Responsibilty

II.Body Paragraph #1- Topic Sentence: Responsibilty determines how far you make it life.

A. With responsibilty comes discipline, that is what drives a person to be able to know when to limit the abilities. Everyone has something in them that drives them but to incorporate it you have to set goals and you as the person have to be responsible enough to do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

B. All athletes have to have discipline to become great. Ive watched sports for quite sometime and following a lot of players through highschool and college and you can see the responsibilty they are given to become good at whatever profession/sport they play. I think that is a great lesson of responsibility for any human because that is a great way to prove that personal responsibilty is a must in whatever you choose to do in life.

III. Body Paragraph #2- Topic Sentence: Becoming Responsible at a young age is a opportunity to set up for success in the future.

A. Parents should instill giving young kids responsibility very early because not only does it create trust, it only makes children more aware of responsibilities. Personally my mother would give me things to do as such as to clean my room and regular chores and I would always complain, but as I got older my mother would do those things to give me some type of responsibilty to make sure that I would take care of my things.

B. Trust is something that is a universal trait that all people should have but it is not necessarily the case because a lot of children arent taught personal responsibilty. In anything a person does that has to do with interacting with the outside world trust plays a big factor. For example having a friend you have to be able to trust each other because you may want to tell someone something that is very personal to you but you cant if trust does not play into the factor.

IV. Body Paragraph #3- Topic Sentence: A great way to gain responsibility is through attending College.

A. We are all raised differently and College is not encourage sometimes in your upbringing. Peronally growing up my parents didn’t graduate from High School so they were always pushing me and my sister to go to college and get a degree, so for me it was always precident that I atleast attended and gave myself a chance to get a proper education and make something of myself. Attending college now is a great accomplishment for myself because my parents not going is enough drive for me to complete my degree.

B. Within yourself you can build personal responsibilty. I look deep within myself at times and remind myself that as a responsible young man anything is possible.

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