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Personal responsibility is a key factor in every area of my life. I support this claim after researching the issue. Understanding personal responsibility will play an important role in academic success. The definition of personal responsibility is someone taking responsibility for their actions and the consequences that come from those actions. I use personal responsibility on the job, in my family life, in developing strong relationships, and in being successful in my individual studies. I believe when individuals or groups of people do not practice personal responsibility it makes the person or group weaker and can have negative consequences they may not realize until the future. Managing responsibility

There are many ways to use personal responsibility such as managing time to make it to class and getting assignments turned in on time. Individuals may use it to avoid neglecting other responsibility’s while in school such as, time with family, friends, and job. For example, staying during classes will help in learning important information in class. Taking responsibility seriously will help reduce stress and conflict in my studies. Collage success allows for setting goals to reach a certain degree within certain means and a certain time frame. You need to have a good balance in your studies to achieve college success. For every student college success is different depending on the personal goals they have set for themselves. Personal responsibility is important because students have to take responsibility for their studies and classes in order to maintain college success.

“The development of the ability to take responsibility for learning is recognized as a crucial aspect of higher education, enabling individuals to get the most out of their courses and empowering them to be lifelong learners.” (Debbie Kemmer 2011/2012) In the article Debbie explains with the new transition of students learning online instead of face to face students are forced to take more personal responsibility for their own studies and grades. As a student of higher learning I make the choice to continue my education. I am able to decide my career, my schedule, my classes, and what study habits I am going to use to achieve my goals. This allows me the individual to use personal responsibility in my college success. College roles

Research shows that when colleges take action to teach students personal responsibility it gives students a greater chance to exceed. Role modeling in colleges is a good way for schools to help their students to be responsible. Students tend to follow their peers no matter what level of education. When other students who have been in school longer is doing the right thing they are leading by example. “From a social learning standpoint . . . [colleges] should do more to ensure that their students have suitable peer role models,” because “if students see their peers engaging in pro social behaviors t,hey themselves may be less likely to engage in negative behaviors like cheating.” (LYNN E. SWANER 2005) I personally will take a stand to be personally responsible and I will learn from other students I work with in my years of school. My Plan

I will use a clear plan to be successful in my own classes. In the beginning, I will organize a plan before each of my classes including reviewing all the coursework required and an effective time plan to have coursework completed. I will let the important people in my life know how important my classes are to me and how I am going to complete them without neglecting my other responsibilities. Knowing I have struggled in classes before due to a stroke and serious brain damage, I will surrender my pride and ask for all the help I may need to be successful. Conclusion

I must be personally responsible if I am going to be successful in my life and school. In the end rewards will be earned for using personal responsibility in academics and in my personal life. I can accomplish many things I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish in other circumstances. When graduating in the career of my choosing I will be happier when working. I will have a better financial income and I will work a reasonable schedule with reasonable hours. Personal responsibility leads to happiness.


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