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My name is Nguyen Hong Van, 22 years of age. I was born in a medium – sized family in Quang Ninh province of Vietnam. I live in a small bungalow which is well subdivided into rooms enough to provide my family members with pristine environment to live and work. My father is an officer who is workaholic and always finds his work tempting. My mother is a household women who can spent hours even a whole day cooking big meals for her beloved family. My mother is also a big thumb, she has gardening passion in her blood and may “genetically” transmit it to her daughter – my sister who is now working for a big telecommunication group in Hanoi.

I finished high school when I was 19 and joint college, majoring in English and Business. Upon college graduation in late 2010, I headed for NEWTATCO – a Group of Updated Technology Application and Tourism, working in an office branch of other six assistants in term of cross – cultural communication and international relations research. I am really captivated by such sort of occupation and never mind working really late whenever workload or even weekend days. Our colleagues at work are knowledable and supportive that is why I always feel in debt to them for whatever extra worthwhile knowledge and skills that I have obtained form them.

Since schooling, I have been interested by subjects concerning with the practical issues of language: acquisition of foreign languages, cross-cultural communication, maintenance of languages, and assessment and treatment of language difficulties. Studying Applied Linguistics could provide me with critical, practical and theoretical knowledge relevant to careers in foreign language education, whether TESOL or any other social communication and speech.

As far as I was fully concerned, studying linguistics of a popular foreign language, specially English would form my initial background and would be requisite, helping me to approach my such a long time dream, it was also the reason why I chose to be major in English study from the very first days. Physically and mentally, I am aware that I am mature enough to be completely absorbed in further studies. It is high time I made my dream really happen.

In fact, a knowledge of linguistic methods can be applied in all spheres of employment and linguists’ skills are particularly helpful in teaching, enhancing literacy at various levels. Whether one is negotiating business deals with overseas partners or teaching ESL, the linguists’ skills are invaluable. In brief, applied linguists could offer me exciting opportunities to work in contexts that are personally meaningful to me.

In the recognition of your university’s suitable standards and offer to my academic study goals, I would like to be accepted as a member of your university and will endeavour within my best reach to live up to your requirements and expectations. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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